Old people and computers

The Internet, Depression, and Older Americans

Frequent Internet and computer use can be unhealthy for youth – but what about older Americans? New finds show the web warding off depression in old age.

Location of the 23 April Vancouver Island earthquake. Image credit: USGS

M6.6 Earthquake off Vancouver Island: 23 April 2014

A major earthquake has occurred off Vancouver Island – but is this associated with the potentially devastating Cascadia subduction zone?

The subduction zone off the Sunda Trench. Image credit: USGS

Western Pacific Earthquakes Dominate: 17-23 April 2014

An Easter Sunday earthquake off Easter Island was among many tremors this week – with most quakes in the Western Pacific.

Precipitation forecast for the next week. Heavy rain on the Pacific coast and rain connected with thunderstorms in the heartland where tornadoes are possible. Forecast courtesy of NOAA

Weather Around The World This Week: All (Mostly) Clear On The Western Front

Air pollution in China, a continuation of the unusual warmth in Europe, a single tropical system, and some actual signs of spring in the United States are prominent in this week’s weather. Plus: Defining Tropical Storm Terms


The Truth about Spanking: We Hit More – and Its Less Effective – Than You Think

A new study suggests parents use physical punishment more frequently than they admit, and hit in anger – but kids don’t stop misbehaving despite the swats.