2014 Stomach ‘Flu’ – Powerful Sydney Strain’s Gastroenteritis Update

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What caused your bout of the stomach flu? Image courtesy of the U.S. CDC

What caused your bout of the stomach flu? Image courtesy of the U.S. CDC

A powerful new strain of the stomach flu has emigrated from Australia: Sydney GII.4, and as a result, many Americans have been sick. Sydney is a stomach virus, sometimes called the stomach flu.

The ‘stomach flu’ is not the same as influenza, an upper respiratory illness. The stomach ‘flu’ is really gastroenteritis, and can result from a virus, parasite, or bacteria which spreads easily through contaminated food and/or water.

Sydney is this year’s major strain – researchers first discovered it in Australia in 2012.

Bacteria, Parasites, and Viruses

The types of bacteria that can cause gastroenteritis include Escherichia coli. Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Shigella. This type of bacteria is generally found in food, but infected people can easily spread their stomach illness if they’re not washing hands properly.

Viruses that cause gastroenteritis include adenoviruses, rotaviruses, calciviruses, astroviruses, and norovirus. The norovirus has been a popular virus that has been circulating the globe. You can pick up this lovely virus from contaminated food and water, or by touching contaminated surfaces. The GII.4 Sydney is a new strain of the norovirus that researchers first detected in 2012  – Sydney is currently the leading cause of norovirus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Gastroenteritis Symptoms

Gastroenteritis can cause painful bloating, nausea, vomiting, a low grade fever of 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and diarrhea. More serious stomach flu symptoms include vomit or diarrhea that contains blood, vomiting for more than 48 hours, a fever greater of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, abdominal swelling and pain in the lower right side of the abdomen. Gastroenteritis can result in dehydration, as well.


Stomach Flu Update: Nationwide Issue

The CDC has warned the public that the Sydney strain of the norovirus is so strong this year that even hand sanitizers and some cleaning products are not enough to kill it. Doctors tell 14 News in Colorado that although it normally takes about 1,000 flu particles to make a person sick, with the Sydney strain, it only takes about 18 particles.

In Connecticut, doctors at Saint Francis Hospital have seen an increase in patients coming to the emergency room with the norovirus. Even a few of the University of Georgia football players have come down with the norovirus, three days before their big game at the Gator Bowl.

Norovirus and Stomach Flu: The Good News

The good news with gastroenteritis is that it generally goes away on its own, especially if it is caused by a virus. Jason Dees, DO, a family physician in New Albany, Miss., and a member of the board of director of the American Academy of Family Physicians tells WebMD, ” The nice thing about the GI tract is, most of the time the body is able to care for it. The body is trying to wash out the infection or irritation and return your GI tract to its happy state. When it’s trying to do that, you have to be nice to your body and give it hydration to do that.”

Just watch out for sports drinks that can contain too much salt or sugar – sometimes natural remedies for stomach flu are less stressful to your body. Generally within 24 to 48 hours, symptoms begins to subside, and within three to five days, your gastrointestinal tract begins to return to normal.

Prevent Stomach Flu – and Most Viruses

Preventing gastroenteritis is better than trying to treat it. Although it’s not always possible, there are some steps you can take to minimize your chances of catching the stomach flu – or even the swine flu – this year. Wash your hands before eating and after using the bathroom.

Don’t forget to get plenty of rest, as well. If you do get sick, stay home -these few small steps can do a lot for you, and also help prevent the spread of the illness to others.

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  1. Allie says

    I’m so glad other people are experiencing the same types of symptoms as me. I’ve been in a panic for the last couple of days worrying that I have some kind of disease or a stomach ulcer because of how long-lasting and somewhat “atypical” all of this is. On Jan. 31 my boyfriend was hit hard by something (wasn’t sure if it was virus or food poisoning) and ended up with vomiting and diarrhea for about 3 days but now he is fine. I initially had no symptoms which was a relief since I ate the same things as him that day. A couple days later, however, I started getting random waves of nausea and felt quite “burpy”. It would subside for a little while, and then a couple days later I would feel it again. As time went on, I began getting nauseous after eating. On Feb. 15th I thought I was going to heave after going out for breakfast but attributed this to the 2 cups of coffee I drank. On Feb. 18 while I was eating lunch I felt instant full-body nausea and thought I was going to vomit (ended up feeling a little “iffy” for the rest of the day). Then on Feb. 20th, almost immediately after I ate my dinner, I was overcome by sooo much nausea. It did not subside within 20 minutes like the last few times but instead caused me to remain awake all through the night with the shakes, hot/cold flashes, and the persistent and intense about-to-puke feeling. Over the next 2 days all I was able to eat was 1/3 of a pack of saltines and I was barely getting water down without making the nausea worse. I did not vomit (although I wanted to, just to make the nausea stop) nor did I have diarrhea–just awful nausea, dizziness/lightheadedness, weakness. After these couple of days I developed the worst heartburn I have experienced in my life. It was so bad that it gave me a sore throat, a sour taste in my mouth, and made my sinuses sting. Tums did not work and I refrained from drinking milk (as much as I wanted to) because this can lead to further stomach upset. Since then I have been taking 20mg of famotidine (Pepcid AC) twice daily to try to prevent the heartburn. While the nausea is definitely not as bad as it was during those couple of days, it is still lingering. I am able to drink water and eat bland things like oatmeal and chicken noodle soup, but even then I have to pace myself while I eat or else the nausea worsens. I made the mistake of eating the tiniest bit of vegetable soup (tomato-based) yesterday because I was feeling “better” but my god I thought I was going to hurl. Did not get a good sleep last night, despite taking 2 gravols. I am torn between being nauseous and having no appetite, to feeling completely starved and wanting to eat everything. Although my “worst” symptoms started on the 20th and have not quite subsided, I feel like I’ve had this bug (whatever it is) for the last month. It’s like my boyfriend got it and because he got diarrhea and vomiting he was able to rid himself of it much, much quicker than me or something. I’ve basically been stuck in my house for the last 11 days because of this awful coming-and-going nausea. I think I’m going to take myself to the ER tomorrow to get a doctor’s opinion.

    • Angelica says

      Hi Allie, You are not alone….many of us know exactly what you are going through. You are smart to get checked out because it is better to be safe than sorry. Make sure they check you for c. diff because it is important to rule things out. Try to get them to check you for Norovirus as well as the common food/water born illnesses like cryptosporidium and giardia. Likely the tests will come back neg. but at least you will have the peace of mind knowing the basics were ruled out. I started getting sick on Dec. 21st and I am finally getting better. I had a follo-up appt. with my gastro today and she said she’s had alot of other patients come in with these same stymptoms. She said often times what happens is, someone gets a virus and because of all the havoc it wreaks on you gastrointestinally, it actually causes a bit of IBS. Btwn all the weight loss, nausua and other symptoms your system becomes sensitive and it takes time for it to regulate iitselff after all the trauma. You WILLget beter. just give it time. Be good to yourself, eat really healthy, very light , small meals. I was the same as you, tomato based food made things alot worse, esp. more nausea and burning in my throat. So try to stay way from acidic foods/drinks. Eat crackers when you feel nausea, also get a good bone broth from the health food store that is low in sodium but has protein so you son’t get weak. Or use it as a base and add some cooked,organic brown rice (which is lighter than pasta) and some chicken and a few beggies and eat garlic, garlic, garlic. If you can’t stomach it, get the capsules. Garlic kills pretty much most viruses/bacterias Google garlics health effects. Also, the health food store caries packets of electrolyte powders that you can add to your water. Low electrolytes will add to your dizziness. Try to rest every chance you get. I was like you with the insomnia too….I could not sleep and even when I could finally manage to falll asleep after laying there for hrs. I would get woken up by the need to go do a b.m. and then the nausea would come and last for hrs and hrs. I know your pain. So do many others who have posted on here. I hope this helps and you feel better really soon!

    • ginny says

      This is the third time I have posted comments and the 10th week of this!!! sneezing gone in the last couple of days that’s how I know it’s a flu bug of some sort and the headaches gone, and yes I also had the night itching I thought we had fleas!!!! Dizzyness gone and I am now taking Calpomin which seems to be moving the wind somehow, don’t know if the wind was trapped in my stomach hence the swelling or if this parasite makes your bowell infected. – Anyway hope it’s finally on the way out I am in the UK

  2. Amir says

    I’m going into 4th week and still have some symptoms, though the nausea has subsided. My appetite is still poor, and I’m still losing weight but not as much as the first 2 weeks. There are new symptoms appearing now! Itchiness all over my body especially at night. Also my hands and feet are cold sometimes and my nails turn purple and I don’t know whether it’s the cause of my poor appetite or some vitamin deficiency. I have no pain just feel sick in my stomach sometimes. Other symptoms are bloating only if I eat something, and belching but not very often though I have noticed it relieves my stomach sickness just a bit, and I’m also constipated. Occasionally I get very tiered and feel like I have fever but the next day it goes away. I saw my GP 2 days ago and asked him about my blood and urine test and he didn’t say anything about them and told me my stomach is upset because of anxiety!!!! I just feel anxious about this condition and that’s it. I don’t understand how with only simple tests he has concluded that I have IBS and told me just go home and that’s it. This itchiness is causing insomnia sometimes. I really need help. just want to know if I should see another doctor. I personally think its a bacteria or a parasite, or I don’t know maybe its a virus, but I’m not sure if a virus would cause itchiness. :(

    • Angelica says

      Amir, ask for a referral to an infectious disease dr. I have read many things that itchiness can be a sign of parasites. An infectious disease dr. will order mulitiple tests so that you test your stool for 3 different days. When I had stool testing done through dr.’s office they only tested for one day and parasites can be difficult to catch that’s why it is better to test for 3 separate days. Try to collect sample from different side of the stool esp. in spots there is mucus. If you do have a parasite…you’ll need a specific medicine for that particular parasite to treat it. He or she will also ask you lots of questions like, have you travelled out of the country? if so, where. It helps to decide what kinds of things to test you for etc. Best of luck to you. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Stacy says

    Please, everyone, I encourage you to get tested for Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) it is a simple test and if it comes back positive it explains all of your symptoms. An antibiotic called Xifaxan will be prescribed to you and you will feel much better. I have had SIBO 5x now and it always occurs after I get the stomach bug. Xifaxan is the only medicine that works to treat it.

    • Angelica says

      Stacy, thanks for the advice, I have been getting better but I stop getting better, I will get tested for this….is it a blood or a stool test? Thank you.

      • Angelica says

        p.s. I had my follow-up appt with the gastroenerologist today so she could see how I am doing. She talked about SIBO. she said sometimes when people have a virus, the develop SIBO. The problem is, if you take antibiotics for the SIBO, not only can the SIBO come back, but taking antibiotics can cause C. Diff. So you have to be very careful with treating with antibiotics. She said it is better to take a good probiotic and you can actually get a prescription strength probiotic through the pharmacy that some insurances cover.

  4. Maree says

    I come from New Zealand and am currently living through week 8 of Norovirus.

    I have been for multiple blood and stool tests with 3 different doctors before the end diagnosis of Norovirus – although it is comforting to know I don’t have a more serious permanent bowel condition this stomach bug has been unlike anything I have experienced before.

    First symptoms were 5 days of an unusual weak, light headed, dizzy feeling where I felt unstable standing or walking followed by headaches, aching legs, sweats/chills, stomach cramps, nausea and the endless watery diarrhea.

    Surprisingly despite nausea I have never thrown up.

    This lasted for about 10 days and although I still had the weak, dizzy feeling I thought I was getting better and returned to work.

    A fortnight later I had another relapse of watery movements over a weekend and ended up in emergency care with severe dehydration.

    Now another two weeks off work to week 8 where I am now.

    I am getting so frustrated with the time to recover as well as the light headedness and weakness.

    My doctor put me on Immodium however said I am likely to recover quicker if I try not to use this too often.

    Apparently the dizzy feeling is caused by the dehydration along with a drop in blood pressure I have experienced alongside this illness.

    I am keen to hear from someone who has recovered and how long their ‘dizzy, unstable’ feeling took to go away.

    • Angelica says

      Hi Maree,
      Don’t worry. …you are almost there! I am on week 9, tomorrow begins we 10. I had the EXACT same symptoms as you accept I didn’t need the I.v fluids. I was nauseous for 8 1/2 was and lost 16th it was scary. Luckily I am no longer nauseous. However I am still doing 2 b.m’s every morning with the 2nd one being softer than the first. Every once in a while (once to twice per day) I get a slight twinge of light headed ness. Esp. If it is almost time to eat. Having protein seems to help. Make sure you keep up with your electrolytes. Being low can also make you dizzy and try to eat something every 2 hrs. Keep up the potassium levels too by snacking on bananas. The experience I am personally having with this very nasty bug is that it has been slowly creeping out of my body at the pace of a snail’s crawl!!! Each day I got better by a microscopic smidge! I have NEVER experienced any thing like this in my life. Most bugs last 24-48 hrs…. not this week’s and weeks of suffering. I too had all kinds of testing for all kinds of things and all negative. I hope this helps you. I know what a difficult road this is so I really hope you are better very soon!

        • Maree says

          Forgot to add my weight loss is similar to yours – for me that’s the one positive as I need to lose it but a bit scary to step on the scales and see nearly 5kg (11 pounds) in a week!

        • Angelica says

          Maree, I also meant to ask you how many weeks were you sick when you were tested for Norovirus? I was tested after being sick for almost 9 weeks and it came back negative however I highly doubt it was detectable for me at that point. Curious to see what point yours was detected. Thank you.

      • Maree says

        Thanks Angelica – it’s good to hear others with matching symptoms especially given most of the information about these viruses claim it should be a maximum of a week to put up with symptoms.
        Like yourself I do feel slightly better each day but still with the lingering weakness and light head.
        I hoping to go back to work next week so thought I would try and get a bit more active today and do some stuff round the house – my stamina is terrible! I can barely do anything before I get overheated and sweaty and need to have a rest.
        Hopefully now the only way is up!

        • Angelica says

          Hi Maree,
          Yes, that is scary about the weight loss…..11 lbs is alot to lose in one week! wow….I was averaging 2 lbs/wk so after losing 16lbs in 8 weeks, I wondered what was going to happen to me if I was sick for another 8, it was truly terrifying.I too, needed to lose some weight but this is not the way I wanted to lose it as I am sure you felt the same way. It is not fun being this sick and you have had to lose work too….I hope your work has been understanding. I spoke with a friend who said her husband was sick last year after returning from a trip and he was sick for 3 months. The doctor said it was traveller’s illness which is just an umbrella diagnosis for gastrointestinal illness. I wish I got tested sooner for the Norovirus. How long were you sick when you got diagnosed?
          I agree, it is nice to have others to compare symptoms to because most of us did not have a diagnosis despite many doctor visits and much blood work. I even had a ct scan of my abdomen/pelvis. But I’m sure that even with your diagnosis it has been hard dealing with the symptoms because like you said……the doctors are all saying that we should only be sick for a week to 10 days at the most so right there it is scary to have it go on for weeks and weeks! We had a vacation planned for last week and I wasnt’ sure if I was going to make it but luckily the nausea finally subsided 2 days before we were due to hop on a plane. What timing! The hard part was running around disney with my kids because I was so tired. I just did sit down rides when i could and sat and rested if I needed to or we’d sit and eat. So there were enough times I could rest but I was completely exhausted before the end of the day and that is not like me. Today I went grocery shopping and came home and made lunch and now I feel wiped out. As tough as it is, I am better than I was a week ago and each week is like that. What normally would take days to heal is taking weeks. I’ve also noticed I am more sensitive to needing food. For example, if I am hungry and I wait too long to eat, I get really week and shakey. If I dont’ keep up with drinking water, I get a headache and feel tired. Are you experiencing anything like that? I don’t have the sweats like you’re having but definetly tired more easily than usual. I’m keeping up with taking my Vitamin D which is supposed to help alot. I’m on 8,000 i.u. per day and take it in divided doses, half with breakfast and the other half with dinner to aid absorbtion. I will get my Vit. D tested next month and hopefully I am getting closer to the 70-90 recommended range. I had several doctors all tell me the same thing…that people with optimal Vit. D levels do not get the flu or if they get it, it is not as severe or long lasting. My vitamin D was low at only 31 so I have been trying real hard to raise it because I do not want to be sick like this ever again! This has been life changing. I dont’ know if you feel this way but being this sick changes you in a way. I definetly became even a bigger germophobe while on vacation being around all kinds of ‘germs’ I drove my family crazy with making them wash their hands and passing out wipies when there were no sinks! lol oh well. They understand because they saw me go through something really diffficult for a long time. I’m not normally sick either. I hope you are continuing to improve every single day. Please keep me posted on your progress. I am rooting for your full recovery as I am mine. :) Have you tried taking any garlic capsules yet? I was doing that for awhile when I couldn’t eat….now that I can eat I am eating fresh and roasted garlic with my meals. I feel that it helped me but I’ll never know for sure. I am just happy to be going in the right direction, no matter how slow. ugh!

  5. IG says

    It appears that the same strain has just hit my family as well,. We’re just outside the Toronto area and the Doctor said that it indeed has been making the rounds in southern Ontario.

    The kids got it first (last week) and possibly contracted at school?. It now appears to be back for round two this week with just the GI pain and diarrhea, No vomiting yet

  6. Amir says


    First of all, I’m from Toronto, Ontario, and seems like there is a stomach flu in my town. Honestly I’m not sure but heard it from a nurse who was getting the blood test from me. I think I got this bug after eating at a sushi place. I ate 15 sashimi and 5 sushi and a roll :D. After 3 hours I started to feel extremely nauseous, but never vomited (I wish I did) . Also I didn’t have any other symptoms like diarrhea, or stomach pain. Only nausea, Loss of appetite, belching and bloating ( feeling like so much weight in my stomach) which made me so anxious. I’m still waiting for my blood test Urine results. This has been going for about a week and a half. First I thought I have gotten some sort of stomach disease like IBS or Ulcer, and I’m still not sure what the real cause is. It’s so scary. Fortunately I’m feeling just a bit better but the symptoms come and go but they are less severe. Does anybody have other symptoms except Diarrhea? I mean symptoms just like mine? I’m so worried :(

    • Angelica says

      Make sure they check you for c.diff, salmonella and bacterias. If you did in fact get a bacteria from the food, it can bet treated. I hope that is why they drew your blood. I don’t want to scare you but c.diff can be deadly in a bout 20% of people who get it if left untreated…..I know someone how got that and treated it with garlic. If you do have this flu and you are only getting some of the symtoms, garlic wouid still help since it is antibacterial and antiviral….you can get dried or liquid garlic in capsules from the health food store or vitamin shoppe. Take it as it says on the packagine. Also, eat light so you body can use it’s energy to fight the ‘bug. drink lots of water AND get electrolytes into you with something like emergen-c which you can also get from the above mentioned stores. If you can, rest. Alot of us had insomnia with this weird bug. I am finally on my way out of this thing after almost 9 weeks of this nightmare! I hope yours doesn’t last that long. Best of luck to you.

  7. Amanda says

    I had to go to er. Had 2 bags of saline. Pepcid and zofran through iv. And a shot of phinnergin. Left er still in pain and vomiting. Went to bed and felt a lot better went I woke up. I was still sick but nowhere near as bad. 4 days later I am pretty much over it.

      • Amanda says

        It keeps going around. Today my 9 month old has it. Yesterday my 6 year old had it. The day before that my 2 year old had it. I feel it building back up in me. It has been like this for 2 months. It was lasting about 3 days each. Then went to 2 days. Now it’s at 1 day of vomiting and the day after just not feeling well. We are keeping our hands clean. Lysoling everything. And cloroxing what can be. I hope that each time we get it our bodies are building up immunity to it. I am so tierd of all the throwing up.

        • Angelica says

          Trust me, i understand your frustration with the coming and going of the symptoms. that has got to be tough with 3 kids also being sick! I am so sorry for what you are going through, to be sick yourself is one thing but to have to take care of your sick kids while you are sick!? My heart goes out to you! It is so odd but FINALLY after persistant daily nausea for 2 months, it has finally subsided. That was the worst part and thank God it is over. Sat. made 9 wks and I still have to go to the bathroom in the morning for anywhere from 2-4 b.ms and they get softer each time but that has been the way this thing has been going…..I have never had something creep sooooo slowly out of my body. I hope you and your kids dont have it as long as me. Kids are pretty resilient and normally heal faster than us. You’d think the vomitting would help it expel faster. I didn’t have vomiting, just terrible daily nausea and diarrhea. I lost 16 lbs in 8 weeks. No appetite to eat. I wish you all good health very soon!

  8. SouthernOntario says

    This has been going around southern Ontario since about the beginning of January, and yes, it is far worse than the “stomach flu” that was going around in 2010 that I got back then. This is much worse, because this strain seems to have a longer recovery time and causes people emotional and psychological distress with the intermittent nausea and other symptoms. I think many people believe they have something much more serious because of these symptoms. I also think people with IBS may have a harder time dealing with this in the long run due to the bloating it’s appearing to cause, even after the initial worse days of the “flu” are over; and I’ve also read that the “stomach flu” can even cause IBS and even make a person lactose-intolerant. My major complaints it that I really wish that people who are sick with this would stay home, at least for a few days. That is what I did. I stayed home for four days, and for the last day it was mostly due to consideration for others. The problem is that even at my workplace, people are coming in ill and spreading one illness after another. I tend to get really upset and angry at people coming into the workplace sick due to the far ranging effects this has on everyone, making us already have to use so many of our allotted sick days. Shame on those who come to work sick and spread these things around.

    • SouthernOntario says

      “My major complaints it that I really wish that people who are sick with this would stay home, at least for a few days . . .”

      I meant to say: “My major complaint is that” (typo)

      And btw, I understand not everyone can take three or four sick days, but please, be considerate and try to take as many as you can if possible so as not to spread this around to other. This is a very horrible strain of “stomach flu” and people are feeling sick even weeks after. This makes people less productive at the workplace in the long run, and those who are used to running their household are now suffering as well due to not having the same energy and zest to run about like they used to. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE ILL.

      • Angelica says

        Boy, you can say that again…it sure has taken an emotional and physical toll! Holy moly. Alot of us keep thinking we have something far worse than a virus. Myself and many others have had many dr. appts because of this, trying to find out what this is. What makes it worse is that it takes alot longer to get better from this virus than the normal 24-48 hrs. one would experience with a ‘usual’ episide of a stomach bug. I think I am finally on my way out of this, my daily nausea has stepped down a notch and I am mostly ‘queazy’ now which is not fun but much better and at least I can eat. Mostly I am just tired now. I have an appt to swallow a pill camera tomorrow plus an appt with an infectious disease dr but they may not find a single thing. I will update with results. All in all I think I caught a bad bug during a time when my immune system was vulnerable. I was anemic plus it was a very busy week (week before Christmas) and I was stressed out and def. not taking very good care of myself. This ‘bug’ seized that opportunity, didn’t it? ugh! I need some sunshine. Still taking high doses of Vitamin D and liquid oregano/garlic from Gaia Herbs and I really think it is helping.

        • SouthernOntario says

          I think everyone who has had the Sydney strain is still feeling off now and then, maybe not every single day, but the “ugh” feeling seems to come back every now and then, with women probably suffering more due to the fact that women have IBS more than men, and, monthly issues also cause IBS to become worse. Not only that, this “gross” feeling could be mistaken for pms and vice versa. I would say at this point anyone trying to get over this, just do the best you can to take care of your health and eat well.. Trigger foods may cause it to go off — I have found that spicy foods for example, are probably not good right now. Yes, this strain is bad, and I’m afraid to know what strain will be going around a few years from now. I am assuming this is what happens when these bugs mutate to try to survive — they come back stronger and worse than before. I also assume there are no vaccines for this, and in some ways maybe that is better because if everyone started getting receiving preventative Norovirus vaccines, the bug would mutate even faster, trying to survive and becoming stronger. Everyone is lucky the Norovirus only mutates every few years, not every year like the respiratory flu.

          • Angelica says

            Thank you for your reply. Did you also have this virus? If so, how long? I saw an infectious disease doc today and specifically asked him about the Sydney Strain Norovirus and he said you are only sick with the Norovirus for 24-48 hrs but I have to agree with you…they mutate and become stronger and there are ALOT of us with these same persistant symptoms, especially the nausea. It is the worst! What were your symptoms and did you do anything in particular to get rid of it? The last few days my nausea has come down a notch but it is so sloooooooooooow going. I have my fingers crossed improvement continues. How is it even possible that so many of us have the same symptoms and yet no technical diagnosis? I didn’t get the flu shot this year but I dont’ know if it would have even help me if I had. Did you get it? Thank you for your reply. :)

  9. Angelica says

    Still fighting this ‘bug’…7th week now, saturday will make 8 weeks! If anyone comes on this post because they are sick with many of the symptoms you will read about in the below posts, can you please repost when you are better? It seems like it is affecting some of us longer than others. I have had many dr. appts with no diagnosis yet. I will see a hematologist tomorrow and an infectious disease dr. on tues. I will repost with results esp if there is any info that might help someone else. Was already tested for some bacterias through my family dr and was tested for influenza but both neg. I know its not influenza because no respitory symptomos. The worst part is the nausea…it wakes me up at 5 a.m. EVERY SINGLE DAY Also I have a really hard time falling asleep so sleep has been very reduced which is not helping. I’ve been taking garlic and oregano oil for a week now because they are both antiviral. The diarrhea has improved and so has the gas/bloating. It’s the nausea and slight light-headedness that still has me! If you do post on here can you please scroll all the way down to the bottom and type in the box so that your post appears right here at the top? If you reply to a post you read down below it will be hard to see unless we do a search because it will post directly below the person you are typing under. Thank you. When I am better, I will also post so others will have a frame of reference as to how long it is taking some of us to get over. Good luck and good health to every person that winds up on this page because you are sick. :(

    • Jim says

      My girlfriend and I are now on our 3rd week. Most of the major symptoms have subsided, but still getting bloated, weak, and stomach achy after eating. Feel fine for days, then gets hit again with bloat, lethargy, and tummy aches. Been on and off for now 3 weeks. It really helps to eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast), but it is difficult to keep up. It really helps the gastroenteritis caused by the bug. The simple diet allows the inflammation heal. Hope it helps.

      • Angelica says

        Hi Jim,
        I think you are right….I made the mistake at the beginning of eating foods that were too heavy. I was trying to get my iron levels back up. Once I realized I wasn’t sick due to the iron, it finally hit me that I had some type of ‘bug’. You are the 2nd person to say the bug caused the gastroenteritis. I think you guys are right. I’ve noticed my stomach being alot more sensitive. Today I only had nausea for 2 hrs. I really hope this means this thing is finally almost out of me. This is the longest lasting thing I’ve ever had. I hope you and your gf are feeling better soon! Thanks for the post.

  10. Angelica says

    Hello, this is for all the newly sick people who think they may have this flu and are really sick or caring for someone that is… If you read the many posts below, you’ll be able to see if your symptoms match up. Many of us had this for weeks! But that doesn’t mean you will. The reason I say that is I didn’t start treating the flu until I was 3-4 weeks into it. I had anemia and thought my symptoms were due to that or from taking iron…thought maybe it wasn’t agreeing with my stomach. It wasn’t until several weeks later when I got my anemia taken care of and blood levels were back in normal range that I started to question that I might have something “else”. Luckily, I too, found this article and all the informative posts people wrote. Had I known from the beginning I would have taking antiviral/antibacterial/probiotic remedies to shorten the length of my sickness. Yesterday made 6 weeks and this morning was the first morning I had an appetite for breakfast with no nausea. The last 3 days I finally had some energy which has increased everyday. Yesterday was the first day I felt like I could take deep breaths. Anyway, this is what I would do right away if I had flu-like symptoms. Go to the grocery/health food store and purchase a couple pieces of ginger root, a few lemons, peppermint tea and some maple syrup or honey. Every day (several times/day spaced a few hrs apart) make a ‘tea’ out of all these products. Slice the ginger route thinly as needed, and add about a tsp worth, also add a slice of lemon and sweetener. Ginger has many therapeutic properties that aid in reducing flu symptoms. It helps with nausea, is anti-inflammatory, boosts the immune system and is soothing to the intestinal tract. Ginger actually has broad-spectrum antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-parasitic properties, to name just several of its more than 40 pharmacological actions.
    Lemon is high in Vitamin C, helps reduce fever and helps strengthen the immune system. Peppermint is one of the best herbs to sooth/calm the gastrointestinal system. It helps move gas to prevent bloating, aids nausea and vomiting, reduces fever and has antibacterial properties. Maple syrup and honey have vitamins, minerals and antioxidant properties. This drink is an amazing elixir that will help shorten the duration of the flu. There are many other things you can do such as increase Vitamins C and D which are both highly beneficial to the immune system. Keeping up with fluids is extremely important especially if you have nausea and/or vomiting. Lastly, eat small light meals ie: the BRAT diet. (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast). Take a good probiotic before bed.
    I hope this information is helpful to you and you feel better soon.

    • says

      OMG glad I looked this up going on my second week of this, blamed it on all sorts of things. Started chamomile tea and ginger yesterday,systems parallel yours thanks. Never vomited, after a week got diarrhea so far it it just that awful sick in your gut feeling.

      • Angelica says

        Alice, I hope yours doesn’t last as long as mine and some others! Tomorrow will be 2 months and I have NEVER in my life been sick with anything this long. Do you mind telling me if you got the flu shot or not? I’m trying to find out how many people had the flu shot to see if they’re recovering faster than those of us who did not get it. Also, can you keep me posted on how you do? I started taking liquid garlic and oregano in capsules because I have very little appetite for food so it was hard to continue take the garlic raw and chew it. I’m especially nauseous in the mornings from 5:30 to 9:30 some days and other days I’m nauseous from am until early/mid afternoon. Anyone else experience this? Thank you for the feedback and best of luck recovering. I’m so tired of the nausea!

        • Angelica says

          p.s. just an fyi…be careful not to take too much vit. c as it can cause diarrhea in high doses. I pray for all of us that we get relief SOON.

  11. ginny says

    Hi thank goodness I found this site and comments – I have always had indigestion issues and controlled them but nothing like this – Over christmas entertaining etc my legs felt like jelly and just thought i’d overdone it a bit but then I was constantly sneezing and runny nose but not like a cold, I wasn’t sick either – but then my stomach became huge I looked like I was pregnant, really scary and then gas and more gas and running to the loo oh and then the dizziness, this must be a flu type bug

  12. Jennifer says

    Hi we are in South Carolina. My 14 year old daughter said on Sunday morning (January 25) when she woke up her stomach was hurting. She thought she was just hungry so she got something to eat. After eating she said she started feeling pain on her left side and middle of her stomach. She went to bed early at like 6 that evening. She was up every few minutes going to the restroom. All the way up till today(January 31) she has had pain in her stomach ,severe diarrhea, nausea, severe tiredness, back pain, just over all feeling of not feeling well. I have been giving her ginger ale gatorade saltines and some chicken noodle soup juice. I did take her to her doctor and the doctor just said she did not know what it was sent her to have blood work done and said if anything showed up I would hear from her well guess what have not heard nothing from her. As of today its been 6 days and she has finally got up and trying to eat again. I hope this is the end of this thing it has been terrible.

    • Mary says

      We are in SC also.and my husband has the same symtoms……….exactly.
      started last thursday and todays is tuesday….did the soup, the oatmeal, the ginger ale, water and ice chips and cranberry juice……………………he may seem okay so up for an hour or so and then it hits again…………and back to bed for another day or two………….worst is the pain in the lower back and the sides of the stomach……………………..so intense………….called dr today and will call back after he sees our message…………….but have herd nothing can really be done except to let it run its coarse….stay in bed and drink plenty of liquids………..please pray……………….we are seniors……….and it can be rougher for us as children too.

      • Angelica says

        Hi Mary,
        I’m not sure if you will be revisting this site but I want you to know I said a prayer for you and your husband. I hope he feels better really soon. Make sure he keeps up with his fluid intake and electrolytes. you put a few sprinkles of salt in his water for the electrolytes and bananas helped sustain me when I was going through this. Best of luck and good health.

  13. Aaron says

    Has anyone had all of the symptoms except vomiting and diarrhea? I have had a stomach bug for 3 weeks with nausea, severe gas and bloating. Now my partner has the sane thing. His started with him fainting and ending up in the ER now he has severe gas and bloating too.

    • Angelica says

      Hi Aaron,
      I haven’t seen any posts yet where someone didn’t have nausea or diarrhea or both. It does SEEM like the people who threw up got rid of it faster. Your partner probably passed out due to dehydration….that was almost me. If either one of you end up having naus/diarr make sure you drink plenty of fluids and electrolytes. A person can lose ALOT of fluids when they have n/d and not realize it so even when your stomach doesn’t want to, and it won’t, force yourselves to drink liquids as often as you can. It will help keep you hydrated and help ‘flush’ this thing out. I’m not a doctor but at this point, I’ve seen enough of them. lol Feel better soon…and until then, come on this post and complain when you need to, it helps. As a matter of fact, I think we should name this post “The Virus Complaint Line” Operator says: Thank you for contacting us, please feel free to post your ailments and someone will be with you shortly to join in!” haha at least we all ‘get’ eachother on here.

    • Jim says

      My girlfriend, me, and other people at work never got the vomiting or the diarrhea, but mostly stomach pains, headaches, bloating, extreme lethargy, and indigestion. People who get the other symptoms seem to get over it quicker. We are not on the 3rd week. BRAT diet seems help the most. Got to give the inflammation caused by the bug a chance to calm down and heal.

  14. Jenny says

    Not sure I am suffering as badly as everyone else has described, but after reading multiple posts, I’m pretty sure I have the same virus as the rest of this thread. I’ve been sick for about 2 months on and off. Started with nausea and dizziness, then dio; and bloating. Thought I was over it bc I didn’t have any symptoms for five days then, WHAM yacked my guts out in a restroom at a family dinner. Now suffering with dio, bloating, acid stomach, all over again.
    No fever or chills. I called my urologist bc I had some severe right side pain. When I read this article and found out right side pain was a symptom I was pretty sure I had found my virus…along with all the other symptoms matching up.
    Sorry everyone is suffering with this. I’ll take the advice of drinking probiotics and more water. I too had a low vit D count and am now taking a supplement.
    I’m in Michigan my New England friend. Don’t know what’s worse, the virus or that blizzard your experiencing! Yikes!

    • Angelica says

      Hi Jenny, thank you for your reply. I am so glad we all have a way to talk and share our symptoms because honestly, before I found this post, I thought I was dying. 5 days before symptoms started, my Dr. called me to tell me I was anemic and to start taking iron. I didn’t have any symptoms from the anemia but then one day I got really sick, I mean it came on fast! Suddenly I was dizzy, nauseous, white as a ghost and felt completely terrible! 5 hrs later, I felt better and thought maybe I had just had too much caffeine that day. But then the next morning I sat down to have breakfast and got really dizzy and felt nauseous…couldn’t eat breakfast. Then the next day it happened again and here we are 5 1/2 wks later. My symptoms are better, I can at least eat but I don’t have much of an appetite and I will not wake up with nausea for a morning or 2 but then have it the next 2 like I did yesterday and today. Also have a tinge of light-headedness every so often but not like it was. I’m not happy other people are sick but I’m glad to see that there is something going around that is making us all have very similar symptoms. So we know we are going to be ok once we get over this awful that lingers on and on. At first, I also thought it was the iron I was taking but they kept telling me iron makes you constipated…..I was the opposite of constipated every day! Despite the fact that I was on 78 mg iron/day to get rid of the anemia. Interesting that your Vit. D was low as well. It coincides with I was told by 2 different doctors plus a natural pharmacist. The flu and viruses are around ALL year long but the reason most people don’t get sick in the summer is because we are getting more Vit. D from the sun. We don’t get that in the winter. I started taking 8,000 i.u./day in divided doses and per his recommendations I am putting it under my tongue and holding it there to aid absorbtion. The one I am using is amazing. I sent some to my best friend because her D is even lower than mine. I get it from the Natural Wellness Store in Concord, NH and if you’re interested in it you can call the store directly to order it. It is 2,000 i.u. per DRIP! (They don’t have this particular product on their website but if you call the store they can ship it to you for $5 priority. Here is the phone number if you’re interested… Toll Free 1-877-W-CORNER if you have any health/supplement questions ask for Marty. He is a natural pharmacist, Herbalist and Clinical Nutritionist. He has been extremely helpful. He helped my son with his allergies in a natural way and is an amazing resource. The stuff he gave my son works better than Benadryl but with no side effects. It has quercetin, bromelain, vit c and a couple other things. It works as an antinflammatory as well as a antihistimine. That’s rough that you’ve missed time out of work. I hope your work has been understanding. I’m sure it’s hard for people to understand our symptoms because NORMALLY when you get the flu it is gone in 24-48 hrs! Not weeks! I appreciate all the posts from everyone. It has really helped me ‘deal’. I hope this has helped others as well. I got lucky when I found this article. Thanks google. :) Take care of yourself Jenny. I hope you get better with each day that passes. :) Thanks for replying to my post down below.

      • Angelica says

        p.s. I’d take the blizzard over this virus any day, At least we can move the snow. I’d love to snowblow the crap out of this virus!! lol :)

  15. Susan says

    I’m in New England as well and I’ve been struggling with the same stomach virus symptoms as mentioned above. Going on week 4. Doesn’t matter what I try to force myself to eat, I get severe diarrhea after with stomach ache and feelings of nausea and light headed ness. I’m grossed out by food and especially anything that I’ve tried to eat that ended up making me so sick afterwards. There’s not much left to try…..have lost 8 lbs so far but didn’t realize until recently because my pants feel snug around the waist due to tremendous abdominal bloating. I’m exhausted and even if I’ve woke up from 8 hours of sleep, I’m still exhausted. I’ve had to keep working because I’m self employed … If I don’t work, I don’t pay my bills. Tomorrow will be a snow day and it couldn’t have come soon enough!!!!! <:p

    • Angelica says

      Hi Susan,
      I’m sorry you are sick. There are alot of us who know how you feel. I am in NE too and enjoying the snow day off. I can’t believe you are still having to work. What have you tried taking? If you don’t have any contrindications and you dont have an autoimmune disorder, look into Tymuril and make sure your Vit. D. levels are up. I get the Thymuril from my pharmacist who owns a natural pharmacy. He a clinical nutritionist and herbalist as well. He said to up the Vit. D to 10,000 i.u. just for a little bit while you’re sick, then go back down to 5,000 i.u. He also said to take alot of Vit. C. I know what you mean about the appetite….I am on week 5 and have no appetite especially in the morning. It gets better throughtout the day but I have lost 12 lbs. NOT the way I wanted to lose weight!

  16. Michelle says

    I am on day 10. I want to eat but if I do my stomach bloats and hurts bad. I have all the symptoms that everyone else has except the chills. By the end of the day I look and feel 20 months pregnant!!! This really sucks! I Amin Oklahoma.

    • Angelica says

      Hi Michelle,
      I hope you feel better soon. I have been sick since Dec. 20th with this and it sucks. Ii was feeling better the last couple days.but then I was sitting at breakfast and felt dizzy then I got the chills bad. It lasted about 25 min. then went away. Strange! I’m glad the nausea is mostly gone. It only happens a little when I have to go to the bathroom. Diahrea is better but they are soft and falling apart a lot of times. I wanted to update my symptoms and see if anyone else is noticing the same symptoms where you feel better but then some of the symptoms return for a very short period and are not as severe as before?
      Take good care of yourself Michelle.

      • Jenny says

        Yes! This is what I am going through now. My symptoms reappear and disappear on and off for a few days. I can go a week of feeling fine and then have two days of symptoms. I’m missing work on and off bc I can’t sleep with the acidic stomach and cramping. I feel like this virus refuses to leave my body, yet symptoms aren’t as bad as they were on onset.

  17. Laura says

    I’ve had this bug since Christmas night… Same symptoms described here. After the initial horrible headache, aches, stomach & intestinal issues for a week, I started to get better. Then relapsed completely. Then steadily getting better for 2 weeks, finally eating cooked vegetables. Now a few steps back, again, acid stomach, intestinal symptoms here and there, and some diarrhea.

    I’ve been to urgent care & tested for parasites. I’ve been to a gastroenterologist who gave me Nexium. So currently I’m taking Nexium and pro-biotics.

    I’m really challenged by this! Anyone over it yet? Has anyone spoken to a doctor who knows identifies it? Docs here (San Francisco Bay Area) so far, know nothing about it. Any suggestions for treatment?

    • Angelica says

      Hi Laura,
      Thank you for your post. I hope you are feeling better. After 4 weeks, I am finally feeling better, my diahrea is gone (poops are soft but formed now), dizziness is gone, nausea is gone but my stomach is still recuperating from all the nausea (feels sensitive). Mostly now I just feel tired….and head feels sleepylike…..like it is crawling out of my body slowly. I have been to my family doctor, naturopathic dr., had colonoscopy cleared and spoke with a pharmacist/herbalist. I also had stool cultures checked for bacterias and parasaties (all came back negative)
      I have learned some really helpful things that I will share with you. 1) people with a good level of Vitamin D rarely get the flu due to high immunity-optiimal D level is 70-80. mine was a 31. (get your blood checked if you haven’t recently) if you take D drops, take about 5,000 iu daily and place drops under tongue for increased absorption. 2) take a really good probiotic daily (I’ve heard taking it before bed is the best time but anytime will work) 3) take vitamin c for immunity 4) check out a supplement called Thymuril (it was recommended by my pharmacist and approved by my naturopathic dr. It is antibiotic/antiviral. 5) If you haven’t recently, have your iron checked…..I was anemic which contributed to me catching this bug. Drink alot of water to help flush this bug out. If you are having a lot of stomach issues, l-glutamine helps to repair and heal for gastro issues. If you have any prior health issues that may contraindicate taking supplements make sure you check with your dr. before taking anything. At the bare minimum, you can do the vitamins c and d for immunity and try to get extra sleep. I’ve been having a hard time sleeping so I started taking melatonin 1 hr before bed and it really helps alot. This has been the worst month of my life healthwise as I am normally a very healthy person. This month I’ve felt like I was dying. I don’t know what was worse, the dizziness, the nausea or the diahrea. It has been rough. I’m not happy to see other people going through this because I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy! I am only relieved to discover that I have something that is going around and I am not dying. lol I hope you feel better really soon.

      • Angelica says

        p.s….yes, my family doctor and the pharmacist both said they have been seeing people come in with flu-like symptoms lasting for weeks. We are not alone. You are far away from me so it looks like it is hitting everywhere now. The flu season is real bad this year and I think it is because the germ has mutated. This particular strain (sydney g11.4) does not respond to hand sanitizers. Hopefully people will read this and be good handwashers so they avoid getting the worst flu many of us have ever had!!!!!!!! It is a nightmare!

    • jane cresswell says

      Hi I have posted before about this now is my 8 week I have not been sick but had the headaches legs like jelly and stuffed nose and sneezing maybe the symptoms are different as I am in the UK perhaps by the time it reached here it was just the last bit of symptons you get but still bad enough – tried calpomil capsules very good and then several neat brandys to kill the b!!!! thing – well it’s worked for me or was it because waiting 8 weeks to clear it , my stomach looked like i was pregnant really now it’s back to normal this is a very nasty virus

  18. Angelica says

    Thank you for this story and all the posts everyone!!! After reading many of these posts, I am quite sure I have this virus! I thought I was dying, I almost passed out while driving, symptoms came on real fast. Didn’t pass out but felt extremely light-headed and dizzy. Weak limbs, tingling in extremeties and numbness in forearms and pinky and middle fingers that came and went. Nausea that lasted 2-3 hrs several times per day. No desire to eat, had to force myself to eat small light meals but it was tough! Went to ER, with cardiac symptoms and they kept me overnight. All the cardiac stuff was cleared. Went home the next day and still felt awful. Worse than I’ve ever felt. I’ve been scared for weeks. This all began on Dec. 19th and today is Jan 18th, so for a month now I’ve been sick. Have had stomach cramps off and on and I’ve had diarrhea everyday up until 2 days ago. Extreme chills, difficulty sleeping. I am finally not nauseous anymore just a little cramping and stools are formed but soft. Also have been experiencing dry mouth despite drinking tons of water this whole time. I think I am coming out of it finally. I couldn’t find any info on the net about flu symptoms….just the basic stuff so I googled “feeling nauseous for 3 weeks” and I got lucky and found this wonderful site. I now see that this is something that is going around and I hope my family doesn’t catch it from me. I am going to share this info with friends and family so they know if they get these symptoms, that they are not dying and to just hydrate hydrate hydrate, rest, rest, TRY to eat and get some anti-nausea medication from the Dr. Don’t wait until week 3 to get it like I did! At that point I only used it 3 times but wished I had it sooner! I wish the best of luck to anyone who finds themselves sick like me and the rest of us on this posting. I am going to begin taking a probiotic every night before bed. I heard that is the best time to take one because nothing else is in your stomach and it can do it’s ‘thing’.

    • Angelica says

      I am replying to my own post here as a follow up for anyone going through this. Also, can anyone tell me what area of the country they are from, I’d like to see where this is travelling. I am in the New England area of the U.S. I felt better the last 2 days but then this morning I woke up with an upset stomach and diarhea’d 3x, then was sitting at the table and got a dizzy spell and felt strange. Now, a hr later I feel normal again. Has anyone experienced this as a coming and going. Over all my symtoms have improved. I am starting an anti-viral regime today. Vitamin D, C probiotic at night before bed and a multivitamin nutritional drink. I’d love to hear some updates from others as well. Thank you and best of luck to everyone.

      • Reza says

        Hi , my name is Reza from beautiful Cape Town , South Africa. I am currently on day 11 , of all of the above mentioned symptoms on this site. Currently and least only one member per family that I know of, has had this stomach flu . Reading all the comments on this site has been so helpful and has just prepared my mind that this stomach flu is not leaving any time soon… So I am off the chemist to get some meds. Thank you everybody for all your input as now I feel that its not in my head or something more else wrong with me.

  19. Anita kucharski says

    I too have had the same symptoms.Mostly severe gas and abdominal pain and diaherra.after a week of no energy and pain I went and bought something called Align from Walmart. After an hr of taking pill all stomach pains went awsy.Worth a try

    • Angelica says

      Hi Anita, I hope this finds you feeling better. If so, how long did it take from the first symptoms to you completely feeling better? Thank you! Angelica

  20. sheri says

    Well, I think I am the most unlucky person in the world. I first got the “Sydney” flu or stomach flu the week before thanksgiving. It came on very suddenly. It wasn’t food poisoning because I had that 3 years ago. For the first 3 1/2 days I was running to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Mind you I did not eat and really drink so little you wouldn’t call it drinking. I was nauseated just talking or thinking about food. The chills were just terrible. And the cramping and running to the bathroom was unbearable. I had no gatorade or soup or Crackers in the house. A friend went to the store to help me. Once I started drinking the gatorade I felt a bit better and could eat a little rice the next few days. But the aches and tiredness and nausea Lasted over 3 weeks. Now I think ok, it’s getting better. I lost 20 lbs over that month. This was nothing about congestion or coughing. Next I get hit again out of the blue, in the middle of the night, with the new flu that my flu shot didn’t cover. I have such a bad cough and I am up hacking all night. I have chills, low grade temp, congestion and nausea and hacking up green sputum. I have been taking an antibiotic for 2 days. If this doesn’t get better soon I think I will have to go to the e/r. My family missed out on the stomach flu, but I’m worried they will get this. I wish there was some official page that could talk about how long you are contagious and how to keep it from the rest of the family, other than isolation?? I would like to know how someone who gets the flu shot every year has now been hit by 2 didn’t strains of flus? Thanks for listening I hope this helped somebody. Good thing after the first time I stocked the house for 3 flu seasons for everyone in the house. Best friends are gatorade, rice, Crackers, Toilet paper and good friends. I hope you feel better.

    • maria says

      I was wiped out by this virus most of December. My advice is drink peppermint tea or water when you can. Hydration is important and rest whenever you can. Good luck!

    • Chris says

      Wow, like others, I’m not alone. No fever, the worst dizziness I have ever experienced, threw up so hard with mostly dry heaves, until later it was pure bile. Wife was so freaked she took me to the ER and was so weak they had to come out with a wheelchair to get me. Through all this, I had dripping cold sweats, and shaking chills. I was soaked and had to change clothes. They put me on an IV and injected some anti nausea into the IV which made the nausea manageable. Took blood samples and a urine test which came back normal except for a slightly elevated white blood count.. They gave me a prescript for phenergan which usually knocks me out. I still managed to throw up twice more even on that which has never happened in the past.

      The dizziness started 4 days prior to the event and I started drinking ginger tea. I think it helped in the long run. Two days prior to the main event I had very mild diahrea once. The day of the event I became so dizzy I could not get my head off the pillow.

      I have managed to eat some potato soup, mashed potatoes, and drink water and gatoraide, but the thought of regular food yet has not happened. I would not wish this on anyone.

  21. Louise says

    This past week has been absolutely the worst, with the diarrhea and joint pain, chills and zero food. I have slept for most of every day for the past five. What is most interesting is that for the weeks previous the headaches and body aches would overtake me each day and leave me drained, ready for bed mid afternoon. My walking schedule disappeared. My attention to anything, and desire to do anything, vanished. Thought that I was loosing it! Then Xmas evening 5 family members all came down with the most severe of the virus symptoms. I have been living this nightmare for at least three weeks now, and just today tried a slice of toast just to see if I could keep it down. The stomach discomfort and fatigue are still with me. I am grateful to have fould this site to realize that I am not the only one experiencing this terrible illness. Hoping that we all feel much better soon.

    • sheri says

      I agree with you about a type of warning in which you are so exhausted that you nap and have no energy at all for cooking or normal life. Plus headaches and joint pains. I didn’t put them together until after I now have the 2nd flu. I just thought I was doing too much and needed to rest. At least you had it too. Plus I have 2 herniated discs that were killing me in my back and it might have been more related to my lungs being attacked. Feel better.

  22. Mike says

    I am pretty sure I was another victim of this stomach flu. I found this site because after this ordeal I wanted to research whatever the heck I had. I hear reports of the flu on the news and have tried to find info about this but cannot find anything remotely close to what I and my family had. I’ll explain what my family and I had so maybe you know what to look out for. It had to be this stomach flu because I had no respiratory symptoms. My wife, grandma, and the rest of my family got this. It was the worst thing I have experienced and I am 37. My grandmother who is 86 said the same thing. My father has not thrown up in 30 years and threw up over 10 times from this.

    It started about 3 weeks ago and I am finally better. The first 3 days were terrible. The first and second day I was a hair away from going to the hospital. I only threw up 3 times but had diarrhea 50 times. My wife had the opposite. I had about 101 fever but, the chills were horrible. What almost sent me to the emergency room was the body aches. I have never experienced body aches like this. Nyquil and aspirin did absolutely nothing. The nausea was also horrible. I could not eat and did not feel like eating for 3 days except for a couple of crackers. I forced myself to drink as much water as possible but was in the bathroom anyway right after. I felt nauseated for a week getting better everyday after 3 days. A week after that I was tired after 5 minutes of doing something easy like taking the dog out. I was completely better after about 2 1/2 weeks.

    It seems like different people in my family were not as badly affected as me but some even had it worse. My 3 year niece threw up every half hour for 24 hours. My wife threw up 5o times but did not have as bad of diarrhea, body aches, and chills. She ended up missing 7 days of work over this. I have known her for 12 years and she has only called out of work a couple of times for only a day. As i explained my father threw up 10 times and he has not thrown up in 30 years. My grandmother had it the worst. She had extreme sickness for 10 days straight with 103 degree fever. She should have went to the hospital but refused but that is another story. My mom and sister did not get it as bad for some reason. Whatever it was, it was very contagious. I avoided my family after I knew they had it and only saw them for 1o minutes to check on them. I washed my hands right when I left. I guess that did not help.

    Hopefully everyone who gets will be fine but be ready for a battle. My wife and I talked about it today and we were so affected by it, that it will be something we won’t forget.

    • Nicole myhre says

      Omg this s so helpful- my entire family has been battling these same symptoms- worst we have ever had – it is helpful to know we are not isolated in this as much as I hate to hear about people suffering – but I definitely concur- the WORST bug we have ever experienced.

      • Nicole myhre says

        Also one thingI found that helped was cider vinegar and not sure if this is Good for it but I didn’t have cider vinegar on day one so I drank pickle juice and it seemed to bring down the nausea a notch or two.

  23. Denise says

    I have had this for 4 weeks now. One day I feel fine, the next day I have one or more of these symptoms: stomach cramping, severe nausea, dizziness, cramping in legs and joint pain, stiff neck, stomach grumbling, chest pain (like someone is pinching my heart), loss of appetite (especially for fresh fruit and veg and coffee/tea) and headaches.. It feels like this is never going to go away. So sick of being sick. Anyone else have this in Perth atm?

  24. Merry says

    Like many on here I’m so happy to hedge found this sight! My poor, now, 1 year old has had this off and on for around 2 months at least. I have been distraught thinking a that she has a serious health issue. But like many, tests come back negative. I’ve been googling everything. The ER is sick of me. They keep giving her a shot of antibiotics, which MY DR said that they believe might be contributing to the reoccurrence of the virus because it doesn’t help and the antibiotics kill the good bacteria that the digestive system needs to help fight the vjrus.

    What an awful thing to see and experience. My poor baby!

    I hope everyone the best. Thank you for your comments!

    • Nicole myhre says

      Yes I too had my kids to the ER and felt like an insane woman – but better to be safe than sorry and kept saying it was gastroenteritis

  25. Janiree says

    I started having symptoms of this virus on Thanksgiving Day. Thank goodness it did not hit me until after I arrived back home. Immediately, I was so worried about my family that I had been around all day, particularly my aunt who has terminal melanoma, my 2 year old niece, my elderly parents and of course my son who had to go back home with me. Bless him. Thankfully, it is now 5 days out from the exposure window, and no one else in my family has come down with it, even my son. I locked myself in my room and prayed that I wouldn’t die.

    The vomiting started around 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving. Everything I had that day came up along with what seemed like everything from the previous week. I know that is not possible, but it really seemed like it. Then about two hours into the vomiting, the diarrhea hit. I assumed the standard toilet and garbage can position and kept praying. I was so weak, I failed to even make it to the toilet/garbage can quick enough to vomit a couple of times and threw down dirty towels, etc., basically anything I could reach from the floor to catch anything that didn’t make it to the toilet or garbage can. Sorry… TMI, but it is the only way to describe the misery. By Friday afternoon, I was crawling on the floor to get to the bathroom or bed because my legs simply would not hold me up. I know that I passed out during all of this at least a couple of times.

    I knew that I was becoming dehydrated as my mouth felt like cotton. I kept trying to sip water, but it just came right back up. This continued through the Friday after Thanksgiving. My son is 15, and I was at the point of asking him to take me to the emergency room or call an ambulance, but it finally stopped.

    The pain in my back and legs and stomach were excruciating. I could not find any comfortable position. The headache was and still is intense. I was unable to take anything for any of the pain because I could not keep it down. I have been so weak and walk with a stooped posture because my stomach is still painful and my muscles are so sore. I was finally able to get out of bed yesterday (Monday) for brief periods, but the second I did, I experienced more diarrhea. Not nearly as bad, but enough.

    I have had a low grade fever and chills and hot flashes as well. I throw off the covers and then grab them back up because I start shivering uncontrollably. I am also dizzy and feel like I am not functioning well mentally. I have had 4 bowls of soup (not one per meal) since Thursday, and it is now Tuesday. I am trying to drink water, but it makes me nauseous as does any solid food whatsoever.

    Today, I have another pain to add to my long list. I have attempted to come back to work as I am out of sick days for the remainder of the year. I am not sure I will make it. The pain is located in my upper to middle left abdominal quadrant and radiates to my back. It feels like my spleen is swollen, sort of like when I had mono as a teenager. I should eat something, I know, but simply don’t feel like it.

    My husband hasn’t been the most understanding person during this. He was out of town with his parents when this hit me, and my poor sweet son tried to take care of me. I kept running him out afraid he would catch it, but he faithfully brought me ice chips and warmed up my rice pack. for my back and legs. Now that it is 4 days out from my worst vomiting/diarrhea episode, my husband says that I am just being a baby and that no stomach bug could last that long. Not that I want to hear that anyone else has this bug, but it is comforting to know I am not alone.

    I am still so exhausted that I keep laying my head on my desk at work. I pray for anyone that comes down with this virus. This is the sickest that I have ever been other than having the Asian Flu as a teenager in the 80’s. I ran a temperature of 106. I have lost 15 pounds and continue to lose. Anyone else experiencing this pain in your left side that radiates to your back? It is pretty intense.

    • Debi says

      I have been suffering from the same symptoms. Horrible virus! I started with two days of vomiting and diarrhea and now a week later, I still can’t handle solid foods. I went to the doctor and they said it was the stomach flu and it would just take time.

      • Joanna says

        They told me the same thing but I can’t keep any solids down and its almost month two of this but they keep telling me its a stomach virus

        • Gregg Bristol says

          My wife had similar symptoms. It started at 730pm with stomach cramps that would come and go, come and go until they got really close together. But instead of anything coming out the bottom, she threw up until there was nothing left. She felt decent with no cramps for about an hour and then they slowly came back. Now it was closer to 1030pm and with the dry heaves, she had diarrhea. She said the cramps were as bad as contractions before child birth if not worse. She could not even hold down a cup of green tea, water, pedialite or anything. We tried saltine crackers just to get something on her stomach but nothing would stay down. Now just a few minutes after midnight and me not wanting to see her in that pain, I took her to OSU medical ER. All this time (since 730 and even now) she had no temp and didn’t feel any nausea. Just the stomach cramps with throwing up and diarrhea. So the doctors said stomach bug which I’m thinking is such a blanket term for I don’t know. They ran all the standard tests such as pregnancy tests, flu etc. All were neg. So they gave her a shot of nausea meds and what the nurse said said was a hefty dose of morphine (50mg). They said we could leave in 15 minutes with a script of nausea meds. So after our 15 minute wait we proceeded out of the er very slowly at 2am or so. Just down the hallway my wife said she was fixing to throw up so I had her sit down with the puke bag. I was carrying our 3 yr old daughter and went back to the nurses station and said “she not going to make it out the door” they brought a wheel chair and just as she sat down in it she passed out completely. They were playing it down as if she didn’t pass out or something but I was holding her head up till we got to the room again. She woke up just long enough to throw up and then passed out again. To make a long story shorter. I believe they gave her too much morphine. And after we got her back in the bed, 20 minutes passed and we wike her again. Periodically she would throw up but they started an iv bag to hydrate her, took blood for more tests and admitted her. Now for the first time she was getting nauseated when sitting up and her head was spinning just enough to make her feel a bit dizzy. And she still had sime stomach pains but nit as bad (50mg morphine im sure).They admitted her and with a lot of rest they let her go home later that day about 5pm. She slept until the next day and only had minor stomach aches and is able to eat simple foods and ginger ale. But we still don’t know what it was and I’ve asked around to see if anyone has had similar, with the stomach cramps being off the charts. If anyone has had similar, I’d be curious to know his you fared through it and what your doctors diagnosis was.
          Thanks from Tulsa, OK

          • maria says

            Hi, I too had stomach cramps but no vomiting just diarrhea. I was sick for over two weeks. Mine felt more like it started with the colon area and worked its way up! I’ve never been this sick before. Here in California there’s another 24/48 hr flu as well, my son vomited for one day and then he was fine,

    • Janni says

      I have the exact same sptoms. Mine started Christmas night after returning home from family day. Vomiting, diarrhea, chills, no appetite, nausea if I even think about food. One family member had it and gave it to several people. I am so weak , for days now.

    • jane cresswell says

      Yes I have left a few posts but forgot to mention the pain in the lower abdomin and round the back it is trapped wind this bug attacks the gastro channels which creates the wind and the belching and the pain! I think it just has to take it’s toll or do what my brother say’s have a vindaloo the heat kills the bug worth the try

  26. PharmStudent says

    Not that I’m glad others are suffering but I’m actually relieved to hear that I’m not alone in this because this is the longest lasting bout of gastroenteritis I’ve ever had. I’m also relieved to hear that this originated from Sydney and has been going around since 2012 because that’s when I started getting this at least once, and sometimes twice per year. I am usually ridiculously healthy; one of those middle-aged women who can do 100 or more push-ups at a time and as a former personal trainer, I do circuit training routines several times per week that would kill most young men. But this stomach flu has kicked my butt! I keep thinking I’m getting over it and then it returns with a vengance. I never vomit, but that isn’t new. I do; however, experience intermittant bouts of diarrhea followed by normal bowel movements. I usually don’t have cramps or pain, but every other week might have a slight fever, body aches and a headache. This has been going on for over a month now and I cannot believe the duration of this. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and have finally been directed to collect a stool sample for examination. What is most perplexing, besides the duration, is the fact that I will be well enough to do my usual hardcore exercises for a week or more, and then suddenly, the symptoms return as if had gone dormant for a time. I don’t know if the loperamide is working too well and is masking the symptoms but this is really concerning me. I hope I get answers soon. I’m participating in a hospital internship and have only one week left in which to complete IV training. There is no way that I can enter a clean room with this virus/bacterial infection and need to get rid of this NOW!

    • dawn says

      i have had this for 16 days now,ive never in my life had a flu last this long ,im 49 yrs old,have had diarhea,vommitting aches weakness…i went to er via ambulance,they did blood work,no stool sample,have only had low fever on and off,and stool is bile and mucus …doc says its a long lasting stomach flu and gave me scripts for zofran,bentyl and phenergan,that helped i thought so i started to eat,but it hurt to eat,well,felt good untill it left stomach and moved down…then meds ran out,and im back on liquids….gatorade,broth and vit waters i thought i was dying,and still can hardly stay out of bed more than 15 minutes at a time…i questioned about a blockage,divirticulitis,h.pylori etc…she said nope…weve had several in the er for the 2nd day now,stomach flu…so…i pray it goes away soon,this is horrible !!! best to ya

      • maria says

        This is the longest lasting stomach virus I have ever had! I started feeling bloated the first week in Dec. It just went downhill from there. I had a week of stomach cramping and what felt like an overactive colon. The diarrhea is off and on. I have a headache and body aches.

  27. Tawnya says

    My two kids and I have had this for the past 2 1/2 weeks. I’m an elementary school teacher, so no doubt I picked it upat school. On day one I literally couldn’t get out of bed… I was extremely lethargic. I’m still very tired 18 days later. Last week, I started having chest pains as well… went to the ER, underwent several tests, and this is what they found. Now, a week later, I’m still experiencing lots of gas and shine chest pains. I’m glad I found this page because, like many others, I thought there must be something wrong with me for it to last so long. I just want to feel normal again. My house looks like a tornado hit it, and I haven’t been back to work yet. Does anyone know how long we are contagious?

  28. Mary says

    My daughter has had this virus for three weeks now. Severe stomach cramps,diarrhea,vomiting,etc. We’ve had her to the doctor twice and stool sample tests all come back negative. She has missed so much school and is in jeopardy of losing her job.
    I am at a loss…it is so hard to watch her suffer and not be able to do anything to help her. We’ve got her on a applesauce,chicken noodle soup,toast and Activia and the doctor tried to give her Flagyl,but it seems to have made her sicker,so she stopped taking it.
    If anyone has any suggestions,please,please help!

  29. John says

    This stomach bug went through my daughters elementary school last week and about half of the kids in school got it. Kids were throwing up in class. She vomited for 4 days but is still suffering from fatigue 10 days later. Now my Poor 13 month son has it and so do I. It’s awful. Nausea is very intense and my appetite is completely gone. Even water makes me feel queasy. No loose stools for us but we have headaches, vomiting, fatigue, loss of appetite, mild runny noses, low fever, and stomach cramps. I hope that we don’t have to deal with this much longer. Got a flu shot but guess that didn’t cover this nasty bug! My poor 13 month old and I are miserable! Hard to take care of a cranky baby when you’re sick yourself :(

  30. Kimmie says

    I am so happy to find this site and see everyone’s comments. We are in GA and I believe my 19 yr old son has this virus. Started out with cramping so bad that he was in a ball on the floor. Then came the worst diarrhea ever. He ended up in the ER for dehydration and they did bloodwork, urine sample and even a CT. Everything came back ok, but he is on day four and doesn’t seem to be any better. He keeps saying that his lower abdomen feels heavy and it is hard to get comfortable. He has only vomited once and has no appetite at all. The low grade fever did finally break today but the diarrhea has persisted. I have never seen my child this sick! I feel better knowing that others symptoms are similar to his. I have been so worried that maybe the ER missed something. I will give it a few more days to see if he improves. Take care everyone!

    • Kimmie says

      My son saw his primary care physician today after suffering severe cramps overnight. The doctor still says that he just has a stomach bug and should be on the tail end of it. He suggested Pedialyte to ensure he doesn’t dehydrate again. The reassurance from the doctor has helped his nerves (and stomach) greatly as he was getting scared that he wasn’t getting better. He also says the Pedialyte made a him feel significantly better than Gatorade did.

  31. amy says

    Chattanooga TN
    day 5 of pooping.. never in my life have I had a stomach bug persist for so long. Gave all the samples at the doc today for labs to find out wth this is. At this point I want it to be bacterial. Atleast I can get some antibiotics and be on the road to recovery. Very disconcerting to hear otherrs have had symptoms for so long. Why are we not hearing more about this? Good luck all!

    • Janet says

      I’m in Perth Australia and I first had this virus in mid April for more than 2 weeks.
      Since then I get well for a couple of days and then I get sick for a couple of days with a fever and nausea. This has been happening since mid April so for about 6 months now. It’s horrible because you think you ate finally getting wrll and you get sick again.

    • Renee says

      I am thankful to have found this link. Am on day 4 with this awful stuff and was becoming concerned that there was something wrong with me…why am I not recovering like I usually do? I also got the flu vaccine two weeks ago (new strain, I understand).

      I still feel like crying, as I’m tired of being “laid up”, but at least I know I’m not alone. Patience (and hydration) is they key, is what I’m hearing. :(

  32. Grey says

    I’m on day 13 of this. Honestly I am glad to have found this thread because it’s making me crazy that it’s lasting so long. I had one night of severe upper stomach cramps, diarrhea and low grade fever. My lower stomach has been distended, gassy, very uncomfortable and I can’t get too far from a bathroom. Immodium helps but only temporarily. My son has it too, not as severe, but every few days gets extremely nauseous. We’re both home today with it. I went to the store to get him ginger ale and had to go to the bathroom 3 times in 30 minutes. Frustrated!!!

    • LukasD says

      Sorry to hear, but also somewhat comforted to know we’re not alone. I’ve had a similar issue for 7 weeks. My wife has had something for 5 weeks and now daughter for 3 weeks (she is 12 and I’m hopeful hers is more mild).
      Mine Started with diarrhea, lower left abdominal pains, then body aches (ie: wrists pain, cramp in my right calf), Nausea/dizzy/confusion (I had to pull over while driving a couple times cause I felt “spacey” light headed), stomach rumbles, fatigue, chest pain sensation (felt like needles poking – that’s the best way I can describe it), shortness of breath. My blood pressure was also higher than normal for first few weeks.

      Medical bills are starting to pour in (several blood labs, a few stool tests like bacterial/parasitic/CDiff, Ultrasound cause Dr initially thought it could have been a gull stone, CT Scan, EKG test, hospital visit due to chest pains/shortness of breath). I was also referred to an Infectious Deasease Dr, then later to a Gastro/GI specialist. “It must be viral and just needs to run its course” with no name has been the diagnosis. My wife who also went to her different Dr was told it seems a lot like Parvovirus. Although that was one of my blood test that showed elevated levels of IgG for parvovirus, my Dr told me she didn’t think I had that “cause we all probably had parvovirus early in our life which would show high levels”. They’re both UC Davis Dr’s in the same office so I don’t know which one is more right.
      Early test showed lipase levels were high so I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis, then 2 weeks later they were back to normal. UC Davis GI specialist said she didn’t think I had Pancreatitis, but instead thought that was the virus throwing my levels off.

      I’ve been getting my energy back this past week, and was diarrhea free for 6 days, but yesterday it became soft and then today it was watery again (ugh, shouldn’t have started to celebrate yet). Pain levels were a 6 now they’re more like a 2. Nights/mornings seem to show most pain/ache symptoms.

      Interestingly, not all symptoms are the same for my fam. My wife and I both have wrist aches, leg cramps. But my daughter hasn’t had that. Instead, my daughter has had various stomach/side pain. Then we eventually took her to hospital cause her hip bone area was painful.
      We’ve never vomitted during any of this.

      To protect my fam, I checked the following in my home environment… Carbon Monoxide detectors, asked gas company to check property for gas leak, lead test kit, asked my Dr to test me for lead poisoning (since I was doing a home remodel project “kicking up dust” and my house was built before lead was banned in 1978.) I was surprise to research that “lead poisoning” has many of the same symptoms we’ve dealt with. Yes, you can say I went overboard cause I’ve never had something last this long and Dr’s have confirmed we’re healthy.

      Recently, I can relate to the comments about feeling like you’re getting better, then it comes back again. But all in all, I feel like I’m running at 90%, which is better than 2 weeks ago which was better than 4 weeks ago. Wrist pains aren’t as bad, calf pains aren’t as often, abdominal pains level is lower, bowel movements less frequent, nausea not as much, etc.

      Things that may help relieve symptoms that I’ve learned: Probiotic like Culterelle daily, lots of water and/electrolytes to stay hydrated (juices encourage diarrhea so avoid those), plenty of sleep and rest. This nasty thing goes into hibernation mode and you’ll think you’re better, become more active, then it returns.

      Good luck and hopefully soon to be, good riddance.

      • Christine says

        Are you finally over this virus yet?

        Did you have any acid reflux with it? Me and my daughter have had symptoms like this for over a month as well. I have been to the E.R. and diagnosed gastritis. During the first 2 weeks or so my stomach hurt all day every day, I was belching and had terrible flatulence. I could not stand up it hurt so bad. The only thing that helped was Pepcid. The last 2 weeks, the stomach pain is gone during the day but comes back every day around 6pm. When I eat, it goes away but I feel slight acid reflux in my throat until I take Maalox and go to bed (sleep propped up). My saliva has been foamy with this virus. Did you have these symptoms?

  33. says

    I have had this virus now for 7 days having all the same nausea,dizzy,throwong up and diarrhea as all others There has to be a way to treat this.There has to be information on where is came from.I have been feeling as tho I am dying.The hospital gave me IV and put me on Reglan 10mg. Seems this is all that will take the awful stomach sickness away.The chest pain seems to be getting worse.And I have been so weak I can do no house work at all.Help us this virus is spreading all over the US.

  34. mike says

    Started last week w/sudden loss in appetite, aches all over body. Next day cramping, nausea, chills, low-grade fever (hovered around 100), headache, feeling like a boulder in my stomach. I did not vomit but felt like I would feel feel better if I did (but I really, really hate to vomit) and then the diarrhea. Fever broke after 2 days and achy feeling passed after the 3rd day and severe cramping and nausea along with it but I’m now on Day 9 of diarrhea, little appetite, and my energy level is not what I consider normal.

    I’ve put off going to the doctor because I kept thinking as long as I stay hydrated and certain symptoms disappear that this will pass. Now, I’m getting a little panicky because the diarrhea shows no signs of letting up and the dull, annoying (but not excruciating) headache remains after 9 days. I have a week of business travel starting in 3 days and am dreading being in an airport, plane, meetings and having to run to a toilet on a second’s notice.

    • Pat and Baz and family says

      Don’t go on a plane journey…you will feel uncomfortable as well as running the risk of spreading this dreadful illness..I hope you feel much better soon.; remember, you are contagious for a couple of weeks after Norovirus ..yes, I pray for a vaccine, as I nearly lost my 1 year old son to this sickness 43 years ago!!

  35. Amy says

    I have had all the symptoms of this new virus. Stomache burning, a bubble like pressure, vomiting, diarrea, cold chills, sweats, tired and sore everywhere. And its been about 2 weeks today and the pain in my stomach is getting worse as i work or on my feet. Ive heard you are supposed to take tons of antibiotics for this, but now ppl are saying it goes away on its own eventually. If thats true, how long does it usually take for acid and pain to go away in my stomach? Someone please help me, if theirs anything i can do thatll rid this other than go to the hospital, pls let me know. Id truely thank anyone who could help me thru this.

    • Kristi says

      Las Vegas, Nevada here- we were told my husband likely had the flu- not the stomach flu, but after reading these comments and seeing others with like symptoms- severe nausea, terrible headache, low grade fever, aches, chills, diarrhea and an upper respiratory component of congestion; we realize it’s obviously not the flu, and likely this stomach flu. It came on so quickly, and I am just praying our kids ( and I! ) don’t get sick,too. It’s pretty miserable around here. I will say this- two things that have been phenomenal in helping my husband not totally lose it are Pedialyte ( not Gatorade- too much salt/sugar) for all the dehydration from the diarrhea and the prescription for Promethazine 25mg suppositories.
      ( if you’re so nauseated you can’t eat, drink, function- do you really care where it goes!?) Bonus- Promethazine knocks you out, so you can simply sleep, which is all he wants to do. Feel better and best of luck to everyone!

      • Cyndi says

        You don’t get upper respiratory issues with stomach flu. Stomach flu is actually gastroenteritis, which is inflammation of the intestines. It can be caused by a virus or from bacteria in food or drinks. The article even states that. Both are terrible to have, though.

    • elsa says

      Thanks for this post…day 24 of it, and I began thinking that, with such stomach acidity, I must have a stomach ulcer! No matter what I eat, basic food or not, I have nauseas! I wake up with a headache, etc. I am hungry but even basic food is a turn-off…and diarrhea remains intermittent, and so is the mild fever…

  36. Denise says

    I’m in Philly Pa, and I too picked up this virus somewhere. This is the most awful illness I have ever experienced. Like some other comments I have read on here, I actually started wondering if it was a virus or if something else was wrong. Five days ago I started with extreme nausea and forced myself through the work day. By the days end I barely made it home before I started vomiting with diarrhea and the most severe stomach pains I have ever felt. I had chills, muscle aches, and a low grade fever. By day 3 the vomiting ceased but all other symptoms continued. Each day since has gotten a little better but I am still struggling with no appetite and lingering nausea. I’m praying my young children don’t get this! I am also shocked that we are not hearing more about it.

    • Shirley says

      Denise, do you still have the diarrhea ? My husband pick this bug like a month ago and he’s been having diarrhea for like three weeks, he had bouts of nausea and now for the past 6-7 days he developed low-grade fever, body aches, chills and fatigue. But he still has the diareah and we are getting worried, if you could help me ,I would really appreciate your comments. Thanks,,

    • Rose Lang-Kunlev says

      I am from Sinking spring PA not far from Philly and I am suffering the same symptoms you were talking about. I have never felt such horrible stomach pains, I feel like I am in labor. It has only been 2 days but I can’t even keep water in. I don’t know what to do or how long it will last. I feel like I am getting dehydrated so I may have to go to the ER for fluids.

  37. Beth says

    I’m in San Francisco. Woke up around midnight August 8th, pain in stomach. Started vomiting in the morning. That lasted three days, then one day of diarrhea. I wasn’t able to eat for about 10 days. I’m just now getting my appetite back. This was one of the worst stomach viruses I’ve ever had. Nausea was unbearable at times. Glad its finally subsiding. I went to the doctor on 8/25 to make sure there wasn’t some other reason I wasn’t recovering as fast as I thought I should be. She assured me this was a particularly potent virus – just to keep drinking water and eating healthy.

  38. Steph in PA says

    For maybe a week, I felt like I had a bowling ball in my stomach, and I had persistent nausea, severe gas, and some loose BMs. Then it hit hard with vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and ridiculous pain. I haven’t been this tired since I had mono as a teenager. I started feeling a little better, and then I began having more inflammation (bowling ball) and nausea, etc. This has been the first time I’ve vomited since I was a kid! Scary stuff. If it’s resistant to hand sanitizers, etc., and it makes you sick with so few flu particles….I just hope that once we have it, we can’t get it again! Feel better folks. XO

    • Jim says

      Question: did any of you also experience an upper respiratory element? Perhaps seeming sinus congestion or cold-like symptoms? And also a headache? If so, might be similar to a version passing through Rochester (although the vomiting and diarrhea isn’t nearly so pronounced.)

      • says

        After the cramping and diarrhea Sunday thought all was well until late yesterday afternoon. Oh diarrhea what pain and diarrhea all night. Still got diarrhea today with nausea and lower abd. pain. Can’t even think food!!!!! Just make the nausea worst.. Hope no one has to feel this bad!!!!!!

      • Shirley says

        Yes, my husband does have upper-respitory infection too, along with every thing else, my husband is still suffering with the diarrhea, he’s had it for like three weeks now!!

      • Pat and Baz and family says

        Headache yes, upper respiratory problems – no…Sounds like two different viruses/bacterium going on at the same time…Feel better soon;-)

      • DP says

        I’ve had the headaches, nasal congestion and very limited bowel issues (mostly loose). But man the headaches and backaches were debilitating.

  39. Jan says

    July 27, 2014
    New Hampshire stomach virus is extreme. People are fine then suddenly vomiting uncontrollably, in extreme pain with severe nausea. Then diarrhea, gas, bloating, headache and low grade temp lasting well over a week. Last I saw this type of sudden onset was 8 years ago and it made local news. My husband(who never gets sick) was in bed moaning for two days. Stay home and stay away from people. Not sure how it is transmitted. Day 5 and he is still in pain and barely eats anything.
    Makes me wish we didn’t watch so many zombie movies! PS CDC has no updates on this that I can find.

    • chrisann says

      Don’t know where it came from …..2 days of vomiting and diarrhea with no end in sight. Nothing stays down. I’m in California. Never had a stomach flu so bad. Laid on the bathroom floor between bouts til second day.now stagger to the bathroom.

    • Mike says

      This virus went through my entire family…I haven’t been right for over a week…Thought I was over it…Its back…nasty

  40. Jen says

    Friday night i felt a little off…was falling asleep while sitting up…saturday morning i was completely out of it and couldnt get up and moving around…i vomited then went to sleep several times …by 2pm the stomach pain and fever caused me to have lapses in time …i was in pain burning up throwing up had explosive mucous type diarrhea and was very confused…it continued on sunday then to monday…finally went to er on tuesday…was diagnosed with gastroenteritis…im on day 5 now and the stomach cramps are very intense and still having some diarrhea…i really wish this would end…definitely by far the worst flu ive ever encountered…dont wish this on my worst enemy

  41. Karen G says

    My stomach felt like it caught on fire, like a hot knife, in my upper belly. That was three days ago. In bed a lot and have a fever off and on around 99. Now it is moving south in my stomach. However, no vomiting, and no diarrhea, really not much BM really. I am eating some and drinking as much as I can. I guess this is the Sydney strain. I really really hope mine doesn’t last so long…..this 4 days has been really awful. The pain in my stomach never goes away. No relief. It worries me a little. I’m 50 and not in great health. Sick with an unknown fever in hospital for 4 days a few months ago and then bladder cancer treatment early this year. Oh what a year. My garden is going to under. Tomorrow is my Birthday, and if I got what I wanted I would have my garden tended and some nice trimming around. I cant stay out of bed long, lay there and hold my tummy. Watch some tv. Oh well……glad I’m not alone too! N/W Kentucky here, just out of IN. Take care all!

    • Ginny Stroud says

      Well seems to have reached UK. I have had uncontrollable liquid disrrhea for two days, luckily so far no vomiting. I have lost five pounds in those days. I have spoken to two friends who are in their second and third respective weeks (one has lost one and a half stone) The only advice (telephone) GPs are giving is eat bland foods, and drink, but not anything fruity or fizzy. I don’t blame them for staying away from us “plague” victims but this seems to be an epidemic which is not being made public. This morning my husband is experiencing the first symptoms: awful stabbing pains in upper stomach and initial loose stools. At the moment I have got onto the lower gut cramping, but still liquid stools. My husband described it well when he said that it feels like your entire digestive system is emptying and you have no bowels inbetween. Hope you get well – my doctor did say that it can last a week or more. I am taking amino acids (L-glutamine) which heals the gut and helps diarrhea – its a natural occurring body product given to people weak after chemotherapy, but also good for general digestive health.

    • Jim says

      Hi Karen, I read your post and wanted to let you know about a website: vitaminDcouncil.org; I think it is. It’s a non-for-profit grouping of medical practitioners who advocate the usage of Vitamin D. Some studies are now showing that it can positively impact elements similar to what you are posting about. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Also, check out Himalayan mountain salt – it has iodine, which is supposed to be important in helping to heal from certain nutrient deficiencies. Anyway, all the best.

  42. JENNY says

    Last Thursday 6/26/2014 I developed a head cold sneezing alot sore throat. Then by Friday I had full blowin body flu. I was achy all over,had chills and headaches.. but no temp. I slept for those 2 days. when i went outside the light hurt my eyes heat really bothered me. by Sun. aches were gone but still tired coughing. I still have a head cold blowing my nose alot . Today is Wednesday 7/2/2014 Starting to feel a little better. Plus I pray alot too. I know Jesus is our healer! Believe on what our miracle God will do for you! Hope everyone feels better soon!

  43. SicklyMel says

    This is day 3 for me! It’s not been too bad…. yet. Thursday I was fine. Friday I woke up and felt off. Like completely weird and just unwell. Then I had horrible diarrhea and nausea. Now the diarrhea is gone but anytime I eat or drink I’m horribly nauseated and I’m extremely gassy too. I got so worried though as I’ve not been able to really eat since Thursday. I’m drinking tons of fluids and munching on crackers when I can. Went to the doctor and her husband had it and on day 5 is finally getting better. He like me didn’t have it bad…. but it’s very very unpleasant. If my symptoms change I’ll update and let you know how it changed.

  44. Lisa Botts says

    This nasty virus lasted for 11 days for me. Don’t give up hope, but DO get rest and drink fluids. I was so spread thin with my work (end of year teaching), my kids’ school year ending and a daily All Stars baseball schedule at night that my body couldn’t fight it off. Once I took a day to rest, I got better.

  45. Michelle says

    Ocala, FL – day eight and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I hope. The cramping is what really gets to me. No more vomiting, only pooped four times today, and good energy level. But it feels like my stomach is occasionally cramping around an acid-dipped rock. This stuff is EVIL.

  46. says

    It has been 9 days. First three days just a bad stomach ache. By the 4th day thought I was getting over it and by that afternoon I was throwing up ….viciously throwing up…at least 10x. This is the kind that you can’t catch your breath and you can’t stop…my stomach was burning horribly. The burning is the entire stomach region…not one particular area. I have had a low grade fever (99), minor diarrhea, just the worst stomach ache you could ever imagine. 5th day…feeling slightly better…still pain in stomach, but not throwing up. 6th Day left on a plane for a business trip….was okay until the afternoon and then the throwing up started again! At that point….all night long. The pain in my stomach was horrendous. 7th Day …woke up okay (went to business meeting) Then the pain in the stomach started again in the afternoon 10x worse then all the previous times. It was so bad that I thought I was going to pass out from the pain. I was laying in my hotel room, my breathing was labored, I could barely talk and had the worst pain you could imagine (maybe worse than when I had my kids). The issue is…it is not off/on…the pain is constant. It feels like you have acid sitting in the bottom of your stomach. I called the front desk (thank goodness it was the Hilton) there shuttle took me to the Hospital-ER. At this point I COULD HAVE called an ambulance I was in that much pain….crying the entire way to Hospital. They hooked me up to an IV, 2 doses of morphine to stop the pain and anti throw-up meds. A CT Scan, blood & urine test later…. they ruled out everything else. This is the worst sickness I have ever had in my life!!

      • Kevin Tynan says

        Mine started over 2wks a really bad headache stuffed up feeling , then sore throat ,darting pain in my stomach .Then pain in muscles stiff neck and legs . Started to have a little bout of unreality .my body was. Aching all. Over. Started to worry something really serious.nauseous feeling ,throbbing headache shoulders pain on both sides of rib cage. Dizzy aching throbbing constant without relief. Forcing a little food down. Waiting for tomorrow hoping for some. Improvement. Pulled muscle in my lower back keep faith god bless my doggy still likes me!!! Thanks for reading ,hope it helps a bit!,

  47. Robbie says

    Tampa, FL, has it. I’m finishing day 5. The first few days the diarrhea was violent. I thought I was feeling better around day 2 or day 3 and then bam…. back to where I started. I just went to the doctor today. He said liquid diet for one day and then the BRAT diet. He also mentioned Probiotics. I’ve started Probiotics in my system and no solid food today (still having diarrhea). The only other sympton was nausea. I did vomit one time (Day 2 or 3). After reading everything and talking to my doc, I’m going to stick with the liquid diet for another day or two and focus on keeping myself hydrated.

    • Jeannine says

      Hi Robbie, I trust you are feeling better :) I’m in Phoenix, AZ. My symptoms sound exactly like yours, and I’m also on probiotics, and a liquid and BRAT diet. That is all I my stomach can handle. I am interested in knowing how long it took you to recover.

  48. cherlyn says

    June 16 This is the worst thing I have had in years. First week stomach cramps.
    second week couldn’t get away from the bathroom, felt I needed diaper. Didn’t throw up thank goodness. third week still have to stay close to bathroom never know when it is going to happen. If you were in 70 or above this could kill you. Friend was in hospital then she came home. the only way I could of gotten this is by touching her door at her house. She wasn’t home but her germs were, bad stuff

  49. terri says

    Had this virus now for 10/11 days. Spent this past Friday night at the hospital to have an I.V. for hydration. If anyone reads this & you suspect you have this, (Stay home) do not spread it & make sure you give yourself a chance to “completely” get over this. I was feeling better a week ago & “thought” i was over it. Spent the day out and the next day it hit me twice as hard. Nothing to mess around with….. Bed rest, fluids-fluids-fluids, bland diet (broth, etc…) STAY HOME. I have lost approx. 12 pounds in 10 days, terrible virus!

      • Ava says

        Yep it sure is in Western KY, and I have it. The most god-awful explosive, burning liquid diarrhea since yesterday afternoon. Every 3-5 minutes. Had to change pj’s 4 times last night, diarrhea while sleeping. Headache, bones burning, weak. Drinking home made pedialyte with Emergen-C citrus and home made fresh peppermint tea. Neighbor game me some homeopathic arsenicum album 30X for diarrhea. It seems to be helping but only slightly.

    • Larry Launer says

      Well I’m into day 11 , never got the vomits and mild other end stuff , first 2 days classic symptoms , felt better on day 3 , then day 4 felt like the worst stomach gas bubble all time , The next 3 days solid pain , that last few days its mainly been night and morning cramping some lose stools and a bit of abdominal tenderness , I just wish this thing would pass on , its the worst I’ve ever had and the longest.

    • Larry Launer says

      I’m on day 11 , had the classic stuff for 2-3 days , but day 4 it hit me with a vengenge , bloating , cramps etc , Never did throw up though ,

  50. kim says

    My husband and I have 4 kids. In April my 8 yr old got it on a Tuesday. He had lots of vomiting and a little diarrhea. On Wednesday my 6 yr old got it. Vomiting & diarrhea. Thurs night, I had severe diarrhea. Watery BM every 30 mins. Early Friday, my husband and 16 yr old son had it. My 14 yr old daughter never got it! Almost 2 months later, she has diarrhea and vomited once. I hope we don’t get it again. I’m praying it’s the same strain we had before so that our bodies are immune to it. This stomach virus is TERRIBLE!

  51. Alice says

    I too am suffering with this stomach bug. My stomach starting having spasms which lasted almost the whole illness. I vomited maybe twice during both bouts with it. But it was repetitive vomiting. You barely can breathe between episodes. The first time I slept the whole day. It lasted maybe 8 hours. Followed by leg pain. This last bout lasted longer, I ran a fever, slept like crazy. I had this virus two times over a two week period. I caught it from my grandsons who attend daycare. Drink lots of water

  52. Amari Harland says

    This is my third day with this virus and it is horrible .. the stomach cramps are so serve that its hard for me to sleep. Cant eat anything but I feel like I need to eat . Chicken broth will help , my doctor said even if I can’t eat it , make myself eat it. She also told me to drink plenty fluids so I bought a pack of powerades . This is day three and I dnt feel as bad as I did but I still feel horrible .. if u can’t prevent yourself from gettin this please do soo .. cramps and bloatin is the worst thing about it . I wouldn’t even wish this on my worst enemy !!

  53. Greta says

    I have had this since Monday 5/19/2014, it is horrible ! I have had severe nausea , dirreah and severe cramps I am on day 4 ! I feel like I need to eat and try a cracker and as soon as I eat it in doubled over with cramps! I have low blood sugar and need to keep something in my stomach ! Please tell me when this will end ?

    • Jan says

      This is from Phoenix AZ. On Tuesday I woke up feeling tired and “green around the gills”. I’m a massage therapist and never want to work on clients when I’m sick, but I saw 2 clients that day, not knowing I was sick. My mouth became dry, I felt somewhat nauseous, and I quickly realized I needed to go home for the day. Later, I developed chills, a slight fever (only the 1st day) and runny diarrhea (which lasted 3 days). I thought I was feeling better on Saturday, but that night, my legs and hips hurt equally on each side and were sore to the touch. On Sunday, I had cold sweats again that morning and felt woozy, although no diarreah. This is the strangest thing.mI’m still not well enough to work. I think I caught it from a client who wss complaining of the same hip and leg pain I had. People really should realize that unexplained body aches are associated with illness much of the time and just stay home. Things spread because no one wants to lay low long enough to get well. I’ve lost so much money by canceling clients that it will be hard to make up for the loss.

  54. Kitty says

    I feel badly for all of you, and I am so glad that I didn’t get the WORST version of this stomach bug, because the following has been my 2013/ 2014 “school year”/ Flu Season ordeal, so far:

    * Summer-End of the year 2013: Extensive play rehearsals
    * Summer 2013: Pacemaker implanted
    * Dec 1-roughly the end of the year: The flu that took me away from the play (Fever, 2 fainting episodes within 5 hours, sinus issues, coughing fits that were so bad that I had to hold my ribs, etc.)
    * Mid-March: Heart valve surgery
    * This month: The Stomach Flu…Between early last Thursday morning, and Friday afternoon (?), I was bent over a bucket…repeatedly…unable to stop, and I’m a LOUD, angry patient, too, so I was miserable. Somebody else from my family had fallen ill on about the 13th, and I’d been cleaning the sinks, etc., out for them. After I fell ill, we were ALL ill, and, at one point during Friday, we were all just lying about…on the floor…where I’d spent my sick time with the first family member who had been ill; they were caring for me, when they were barely well themselves!

    This has got to have been the…worst…stomach…flu that I’ve ever had. I only had one instance of a runny BM (Thank goodness, because I was so icked out about that, but it seemed to hit everybody from my family EXCEPT for me!), but I was hit with a low-grade fever, some nausea, persistent stomach discomfort, and true chest pain.

    I was terrified about the prospect of becoming dehydrated, and I was panicking about the fact that I could only have fluids (H20 and 7 UP). I requested some food, but it all came up later, anyway, and my family’s reassurance that the barfing would only last for about 24-hours proved to be wrong, as I was bent over a bucket for longer than anybody else from my family. I could never even sense exactly when I was going to be ill; I just had to keep lying there, on the floor, waiting…sleeping whenever I could…and awakening to bend over the baking soda-and-water-filled bucket again…just in case…

    I’ve heard that this stomach flu takes sooo much out of you…for days and days after it’s gone. I feel as though I’m trying to make up for a serious lack of food. I only hope that the burping that occurs during the recovery time doesn’t come to anything other than burping…

    • terri says

      I have had this stomach virus for 5 days now. I feel better, but i am so exhausted. Funny you should say that about the burping, i have been doing that as well. I have seen where one person said her hip was hurting severely it was my chest that hurt me the most & my fever topped out at 103. Anyway, i hope we all get over this quickly.

  55. RockyRacoon says

    Get some pro biotics into your system and try oil of oregano a few drops in a glass of water it is antibiotic and antiseptic I would try garlic pills as well they have antibiotics in them and these viruses are not used to the natural types of antibiotics but immune to the one’s on the market. From this description one can’t tell if this is viral or bacterial. ” gastroenteritis is that it generally goes away on its own, especially if it is caused by a virus” so is it sometimes not? I put this in before someone said antibiotics don’t work on virus. blah blah

  56. Laurie says

    This is day eight for my wife, she is so paranoid with the diarrhea that I went to the pharmacy and bought her some Depends and baby wipes in caese she has another accident while driving to work.this is after spending three days in the hospital being pumped full of IV meds

  57. Marisa says

    (Atlanta area) I woke up early Saturday morning and immediately threw up. It’s been approximately 65 hours and this thing is going strong. Symptoms: vomiting the 1st 24hours. Then the diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, back pain came. Horrible! I still have every one of those symptoms minus the vomiting. Now I also seem to be uncomfortably bloated, and gassy. I just wAnt it to stop!!!!!! I just want to cry and sleep. This sucks. Just wanted to post in case others in the Atlanta areA are having the same symptoms. I’m trying to gauge if this is “going around.”

    • Richard Grubb says

      Central Ohio –

      Beginning on Monday May 12th, 2014, my son and I displayed extreme nausea, overwhelming fatigue, and body aches Monday and Tuesday.

      On Wed the fatigue and aches left, but I developed EXTREME bloating and gas followed by relentless acidic liquid diarrhea that literally would require a trip to the bathroom every 15 to 30 minutes (if I was lucky to last that long!) Nausea was still present but I believe this was due to my intestines feeling so distended and noisy/gassy.

      Thursday my bowel movements were still constantly every 15 to 30 minutes, but just foamy/loose. Not pure liquid, but nothing solid. Still very gassy and bloated.

      Friday much of the same as Thursday.

      As of this posting, today is Saturday, and I still have a very loose stool but have only gone twice in 6 hours. Gas is less constant, but the bloating has began to subside and I finally feel like I have room to breath again.

      No change in diet helped my symptoms (clear liquids, BRAT, ect) nor did medication (Pepto, Tums, Imodium, gas-x)

      I hope anyone who gets this has vacation or sick leave to afford to deal with this!

      • James says

        My stomach issues started on Wednesday May 7th 2014. Is this a coincidence? It started as cold chills and excruciating abdominal pain. I thought that I had the flu. I stayed in bed miserable all weekend. I went to urgent care on Sunday May 11th (terrible way to spend Mother’s Day) and the doctor said that I had a virus. When I returned to work I had heard that many people shared similar symptoms as I had. But what is causing this outbreak? Does anyone really know? The symptoms seem to come and go now. Week 3.

    • Tpeery says

      I’m glad to see I’m not alone with this nasty virus here in Atlanta. I started off on Monday 5/19 feeling a little lightheaded. By Tues morning, I was so lightheaded and nauseated that I couldn’t drive. My husband took me to the doctor when I couldn’t stop vomiting all day Tues and into Wed. The doctor sent me to urgent care for IV fluids and Zofran which helped. Thurs I vomited but not as much. Friday and Today, 5/24 I just have a little diarrhea but the lightheaded ness is really bad. How long does this terrible stomach virus last???

  58. says

    My 19 daughter started getting sick on 5/1/14 and it is 5/9/14 and she is still sick. She has immune issues and went to dr. yesterday. Advised Zantac 150 for the burping, indigestion and other. It seems to have helped a bit. Zantac 150 2 x day, then if not better add Prilosec both to take to soothe the digestinal track. And yes, she had the blood in the stool. Awful stomach ache, headaches, fever of 99.1-99.7 (normal for her is 97.6) so this is a fever. Hard time thinking clearly, very tired, no energy. In the beginning she never did throw up, but heaved, but diarrhea. She did eat the most today. Soups, rice, toast, pedialite and water are better than sports drinks. We are in the DFW area. From what I understand it is going around.

    • Nancy says

      I started Sunday after Thanksgiving with chills and loss of appetite. Then 4 days of diarrhea, high fever, vice gripping headache and severe stomach pain. Went to the emergency room for IV Fluids. Have not have anything but soup, saltines and icicles. Slept over 11 hours last night. On day 10 and still feel light headed and exhausted. Hope no one gets this dreadful virus! Hope to feel better tomorrow.

  59. Horriblevirus says

    My daughter had constant diarrhea for 8 days. She is six, it was very scary. She had labs and tests done still waiting on results. she ran a 103.5 fever on day 7 then by day 9 she was back to normal.

  60. pitbull says

    Hey been there ive had this thang two times this year already…i agree i wouldnt wish this on anyone …hope your feeling
    Better ginerale and jello help me when i was to scared to eat
    Sincerly Jen

  61. pitbull says

    For me started off with burps awful smell
    Then cramps so bad i wanna to just curl up and cry for help 3 rd vomit like i have never in my life couldnt take breaths between..then diarrhea that last for almost
    3 weeks…i smelled like eggs no joke the worst stmoach pain next to labor thats how bad…i wouldnt wish this on any one at all . Lucky my kids have not shown
    Signs of this yet..

    • #pukinmygutsup says

      That’s exactly how it’s been for me. Im on day 4. If I have to endure this for a whole 3 weeks I dont think I’ll make it.

      • pitbull says

        It gets better slowly
        Just drinl water
        Gingerale helps to if you like
        It start that with jello when u
        Feel brave…it doesnt make your
        Stomach turn…hope you feel better

  62. Ellie says

    Worst virus I’ve ever had. It has lasted six days and is just now getting better. I would advise not eating anything; just keep hydrated.

    • TheChiChic says

      This is day 2 for me. At least the vomiting has stopped. The water diar, abdominal cramping, and headache continue. No appetite whatsoever … including NO energy. Sleep is the key.

  63. Beadgirl says

    I woke up feeling like I had been hit by a truck. Every bone and muscle in my body hurt so badly it actually brought tears to my eyes. That followed with diarrhea, vomiting and freezing. It’s been 48 hours now and I still feel woozy. I am wondering what people have been eating to get their dogestive system back to normal. I tried the brat diet, but I threw at up too.

  64. momma says

    my 3 year old got sick all week last week puking all week then my 8 year old got sick on Friday couldn’t eat couldn’t drink just laid on the couch watching TV was not hungry for anything and then I woke up this morning and I’m sick now.

  65. Mark says

    Just finished with it..was brutal…I let it run it’s course rather than combat it with over the counter treatments ..

    • toni says

      My baby grandson got it..this flu. my daughter and son in law and then we had a baby shower a family get together..ALL 12 of us got this flu..we all thought that it might be food poisining..except that not all of us ate. it seems like this flu attacked us at the same time.

  66. vince says

    i dont know how to explain it, but everyone in my house has it, my girlfriend has it whom i kiss and hold daily, and i still show no symptoms. is it strange to be immune?
    not to mention that we all shared the same food, types of drinks, and utilities

    • William_S1 says

      People with a certain bloodtype is less likely to get it, in additon about 20% of caucusians have some sort of genetic mutations providing much stronger immunity to the Norovirus. I tend to catch this bug every 10 years or so, caught in 2012, before that I caught it in 2003. The symtoms I get tend to be pretty mild with vomiting only lasting for 5-6 hours so I may have some sort of immunity.

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