RootSmart Malware: Is Google’s Bouncer Up to Par?

Older versions of Android on phones and tablets may be vulnerable to viruses: Image by zinglife

Some Android phones are, despite Google’s best efforts, still vulnerable to the newly discovered RootSmart malware. Is your smartphone protected against this malicious code? Bouncer and Google Phone Security Google recently publicized the use of ‘Bouncer’ to screen Android apps for viruses. This new security program scans all apps in the marketplace for code that […]

Congress Drops SOPA and PIPA in Response to Public Outcry

Much of the Internet was affected by blackout protests of SOPA on January 18, 2012. Image adapted from elessar x

From Internet giants like Google and Wikipedia to threats from Anonymous, social media campaigns and online petitions, the outcry throughout the World Wide Web was loud enough to be heard in the halls of Congress. Both SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act) have been dropped or postponed, as of today. SOPA […]

Tracking Cholera in Haiti: Social Media and Data Mining

Computers sort data more efficiently: Image by flaivoloka

Social media and the Internet have become a vast source of information for health professionals, evidenced by a study published today in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene that shows how data mining  was used to examine the spread of infectious disease. Swine Flu to Cholera: Monitoring Disease Online In 2009, Google monitored […]

Artificial Vision: Image and Pattern Recognition With Lateral Neural Networking

Image-recognition software is modeled after human neural networks. Image by Nicolas P. Rougier

Digital images make a computer’s “eyesight” fantastic, but how well can software, even advanced neural networking programs, actually recognize and identify the contents of a photo? Not very well, currently, but a new paper published in the Public Library of Science may be changing that by modeling neural network functions after human visual abilities. Computer […]

Online Courses with MITx: MIT’s Internet Classroom Initiative

Online college degrees are becoming more popular. Image credits: brainloc/sqback

Interested in taking online courses at MIT? The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, commonly known as MIT, has announced a new initiative to couple online learning with a research project to improve Internet-based classrooms. MITx is something of a next-gen OpenCourseWare, an MIT online-learning project currently in its 10th year. Online College Degrees? MITx vs. OpenCourseWare […]

SOPA Support Resulting in Go Daddy Boycott and Loss of Customers

SOPA is intended to provide copyright protection. Image by VLN

Go Daddy, a popular domain-purchasing and hosting site, has experienced a huge loss of customers this week. Multiple boycott campaigns, due to Go Daddy’s initial support of SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act resulted in the loss of over 25,000 domains today alone, and it appears that the exodus is far from over. What is SOPA? […]

Google’s Tools for Veterans: Services Beyond Search and Ads

google tools

Google doesn’t just provide search services and Business Ads. A new website offering “Tools for Veterans” applications provides a  variety of useful options for active duty service members, family members, and veterans alike. The site was created by military veterans who happened to work together at Google. As veterans, they knew what sort of applications, […]

Facebook Privacy Concerns? There’s an App For That!

Do you keep your Facebook settings private? Image by l-e-i

On Facebook, privacy is a constant concern for many users. No one wants private information or photos to be visible to the entire Internet world, but what can you do about it? There are settings you can change, to prevent public access, and you can refuse access to any third-party app, but researchers at Penn […]