Clara Piccirillo, PhD

About Clara Piccirillo, PhD

Clara Piccirillo has a PhD in Material Science, and has been working in the fields of Materials Science and Microbiology for more than 10 years.

Clara also has experience of teaching sciences at school and university level. During her career as a researcher, she has written publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Biomaterials, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Journal of Applied Physics and Chemistry of Materials.

Clara is interested in the communication of sciences to the general public. She writes for several journals and/or websites (see her suite101 articles here), focusing on the links between scientific principles and their practical applications.

Phosphorus Scarcity: Latest Developments and Reports


Phosphorus is an essential element for fertilizers and food production. What happens when we reach peak phosphorus, and its availability is limited?

Sunscreen Filter Made from Cod Fish Bones: Non-Toxic UV Protection?

non toxic sunscreen

Researchers have developed sunscreen made from cod fish bones which absorbs in the whole UV range, and could be used in sun protection creams or in fabric.

Nanomaterials in Supplement Drinks: Possible Interactions after Ingestion

Nanomaterials in food are released into the environment. Image by southernfried.

New research detected metal nanoparticles in 8 commercial supplement drinks. How do nanomaterials affect you and the environment?

Carbon Nanotube-based Material for Chemical Weapons Protection

Single wall carbon nanotube. Photo by Arnero.

Researchers developed a material which degrades chemical weapons (i.e. nerve gas) and which could be embedded in fabrics for protective clothing.

Ultralong Hydroxyapatite Micro-Tubes: Biomaterial with Potential in Dentistry


Researchers have developed a method to prepare ultralong hydroapatite microtubes to reproduce the tooth structure – a major boon to dental patients.