Clara Piccirillo, PhD

About Clara Piccirillo, PhD

Clara Piccirillo has a PhD in Material Science, and has been working in the fields of Materials Science and Microbiology for more than 10 years.

Clara also has experience of teaching sciences at school and university level. During her career as a researcher, she has written publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Biomaterials, Journal of Materials Chemistry, Journal of Applied Physics and Chemistry of Materials.

Clara is interested in the communication of sciences to the general public. She writes for several journals and/or websites (see her suite101 articles here), focusing on the links between scientific principles and their practical applications.

Ultralong Hydroxyapatite Micro-Tubes: Biomaterial with Potential in Dentistry


Researchers have developed a method to prepare ultralong hydroapatite microtubes to reproduce the tooth structure – a major boon to dental patients.

Sucralose: Possible Risks of a Common Artificial Sweetener

Sucralose is often used in baked products. Photo by Katrin Morenz.

Sucralose is a common artificial sweetener, but according to the research, it may not be very safe to use – either for human health or for the environment.

Helium Shortage: Situation Update One Year Later

MRI machine require helium. Photo by Jan Ainali.

Whatever happened with the helium shortage? The proposed shutdown of the Federal Helium Reserve could have hurt science, but the future looks hopeful.

How Is Erythritol Made? Manufacture of a Low-Calorie Sugar Substitute

Fruits like grape contain erythritol. Photo by Diciu.

Erythritol is a low calorie sugar substitute derived from natural sources. Is this sweetener dangerous when manufactured commercially, or safe to consume?

Flexible and Fire Resistant Paper: New Research

Printing on HAp paper (top). The material is fire resistance (bottom). Photo by Ying-Jie Zhu.

Researchers have developed a new fire resistant paper made of calcium phosphate (hydroxyapatite) This paper could provide long term storage of documents.