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About Gina Putt

Gina Barrett Putt holds a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of South Alabama and has taught both psychology and sociology at the college level. She possesses experience in housing, gerontology, mental health, and in education. Ms. Putt currently works in case management, and writes for several online venues, focusing on social science and education topics.

Gina has written articles on a variety of topics, including the award-winning "Mental Heuristics or Brain Shortcuts" and "Evidence for ESP? Bem and Anti-Mentalism" on Suite 101. Her eHow articles elucidate social science topics such as "Space Exploration and Social Factors" and "Models of Qualitative Research." Occasionally, she also publishes sundry musings on Yahoo's Associated Content. Gina's book reviews and other thoughts are on her new website, Socological Musings.
Gina also develops socially savvy gifts and office products at"

Runaway/Throwaway Children: Predictors and Preventions


What makes kids run away? What’s a throwaway child? Our society needs to take a hard look at these numbers to prevent further damage to our youth.

Does Using GPS to Track Children Provide False Security?

GPS may save fewer children than building a strong relationship. Image by taliesin.

A missing child is every parent’s worst nightmare.  Global positioning services or GPS offer a way to monitor your child’s location, but purchasing expensive cell phones for young children is not very practical. Now a device marketed for parents of four to eight year olds has hit the stores. The FiLP  can call up to five phone […]

Emotional Trauma and Child Neglect: Abuse or Just Bad Parenting?

Emotional neglect hurts too. Image by mensatic

Ignoring children’s needs is abusive, and can result in long-term psychological damage. Should legislators add emotional neglect to child abuse laws?

Population Growth: An Ignored Quality of Life Issue

People strain the environment. Image by Alvimann.

Could excessive population growth be leading us to a reduction in quality of life? As there are more people, we’ll have less jobs and resources.

The Need for Veteran Courts: Helping Returning Military Integrate Into Society

Veterans Treatment Courts provide a needed intervention. Image by taliesin.

We can better meet the special needs of veteran offenders with a model similar to drug courts. Training social workers in veteran’s issues makes sense.