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James Gibson gained an honors degree in Geography from the University of Waterloo, and subsequently a teaching certificate from the University of Western Ontario. He entered the teaching profession, set up the geography department at a new high school and, along with being active in curriculum, currently runs his own International curriculum business. James has also taken masters course work at the University of Windsor including the publication of 'Dial-A-Bus: A Feasibility Study'.

Restoration of the Colorado Delta and Estuary: The Great Experiment

Colorado River and Delta Satellite View 2-1

New initiatives to preserve water flow may improve the chances of natural river flow. Can water conservation efforts restore the Colorado River Delta?

New U.S.G.S. National Climate Change Viewer Focuses on Watersheds

Committed changes in annual mean maximum temperatures by 2050-2074 (base 1950-2005). Image by USGS. Modified by James Gibson

Farmers and land and water managers can take two paths in the face of climate change – namely adaptation and mitigation.

Earthquakes: 106 Quakes Worldwide Between 4-10 April, 2014

Nicaragua received a USGS yellow alert level. Image by USGS.

This week’s earthquakes ranged from green to yellow on the USGS scale – how do they measure the impacts of a quake, and what do the colors mean?

Outdoor Ice-Skating Rinks and Climate Change: Monitoring Local Impacts

Spatial Extent of Outdoor Rinks as Reported to Rink Watch. Image by Rink Watch

Using crowd sourcing to monitor outdoor rinks is part of the new geography and Rink Watch is a prime example of such a project.

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Aftershocks Research: U.S.G.S.’s New Seismic Network in Virginia

Earthquake Hazard Zone in Central Virginia as designated by U.S.G.S. Image by USGS.

In August of 2011, seismologists recorded an earthquake mainshock in Virginia and this author felt it in Windsor, Ontario. A lot happened before and since, including probable foreshocks, damaged structures, and aftershocks. The foreshocks are past, the damage is repaired but the aftershocks continue to this day, and there is a rush to research them. […]