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Janet Cameron Holds a B.A. (Hons) in Literature and Philosophy, an M.A. in Modern Poetry, a Certificate of Education, which includes educational psychology, and Teaching Certificates for Students with Special Needs and Adults with Learning Difficulties (Communication Skills).


*M.A. in Modern Poetry, including the political manifestos of major poets and the linguistic theories of Ferdinand de Saussure and Jacques Derrida, among others. University of Kent at Canterbury, 2003.

*B.A. (Hons) in Literature and Philosophy, The Open University, 1996.

*Certificate of Education (further education. Croydon College with Oxbridge University, 1993. This qualification covers educational psychology; all aspects of teaching adults in post-compulsory education, counselling skills and classroom management, the principles and styles of learning and specific barriers to learning. Her final assignment was the study of the two systems of memory, short-term memory and long-term memory, and their impact on thinking and learning.

*Certificate in Teaching Students with Special Needs (Dyslexia) (Croydon College.) 1993. The course included employing a diagnostic approach to analysing students' specific difficulties and strategies to help them with the development of language skills.

*Teaching Certificate in Basic Communication Skills, for teaching adults with Learning Difficulties. (City & Guilds) 1992

*Janet lectured for many years in English for People with Learning Difficulties; English Language, General Certificate of Education, English Literature and Creative Writing.

Linguistics: A Short Introduction to the Beating Heart of Human Communications

Everyday conversation may convey different meanings to you and your friends. Image by Jusben

Linguistics encompasses topics ranging from morphology to phonology and syntax – by using these tools, we can examine how we communicate with one another.

The Halo Effect – A Pernicious Illusion of Knowability that Teachers Need to Understand

Cologne 004

How do preconceptions affect our perception of the world? Describing students with positive terms may change beliefs about their abilities.

Ego Defence Mechanisms and Emotion in Teaching and Learning


Preservation of our self-image may save our feelings, but trying to save face is not helpful when we’re trying to learn new skills.

Steven Pinker on the Consequences of Semantics in Politics

President Obama and Biden Await Updates on bin Laden. Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons.

Semantics and politics go hand-in-hand. Does it matter how you say something, and how do connotations affect political speech and concepts as we know them?

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Dehumanizing Others Through Racial Slurs: Interview with Adam Croom

adam croom racial slurs

When can we use the N-word and when should we avoid it?  Deciding if it’s okay for us to use this word in a positive, non-offensive way depends on precisely who we are and whether a shared, common history gives us the right to “slur.” Adam Croom, a senior at the University of Pennysylvania, spoke to Decoded Science about the […]

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