Jennifer Young

About Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young gained an Honours degree in Geography from Edinburgh University, where her studies included a range of topics in both physical and environmental geography.

She subsequently undertook and completed a BSc in Geosciences with the UK’s Open University, which allowed her to pursue her interest in large-scale earth processes, such as plate tectonics, and earth systems, such as climate and oceanography. Her course involved the preparation of a 5,000 word thesis on earthquake prediction.

Mexico’s Good Friday Earthquake: M7.2, 18 April 2014

Earthquakes of at least M6.0 in and around Guerrero province since 1900. Image credit: USGS

Good Friday 2014 saw a major earthquake strike in Mexico’s Guerrero province. The tremor was the largest to occur in the so-called ‘seismic gap’ for over a century.

Major Earthquakes in the Western Pacific and Nicaragua: 11-17 April 2014

Location of the week's earthquakes in the western Pacific. Image credit: USGS

In a week with an unusually high number of earthquakes, the major focus was on the western Pacific – but an earthquake in Nicaragua also raised concerns.

M7.6 Earthquake Strikes off the Solomon Islands: 13 April 2014

Major earthquakes (at least M7.6) in the western Pacific since 1900. Image credit: USGS

A large earthquake south of the Solomon Islands is the second to strike the western Pacific in recent days. What caused these earthquakes, and are they linked?

Chile Dominates, but Earthquakes Also in Panama and Yellowstone: 28 March-3 April 2014

Chile's earthquake sequence dominated the week's seismic activity. Image credit: USGS

The quakes in Chile dominated the week’s earthquake activity – but there were also noteworthy tremors in Panama and the United States.

M8.2 Earthquake off Chile: 1 April 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 09.38.37

Chile’s M8.2 earthquake of 1 April 2014 is the largest in the world this year. The quake took place in an area recently undisturbed by major tremors: a so-called ‘seismic gap.’