A Bomb From North Korea – Real or Not?

Are we in danger from North Korea? Image by Skop

Is the ever-present threat of a nuclear strike from North Korea a genuine concern? As N.K. improves missile technology and refines uranium, the level of risk increases.

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Curious About Curiosity? Getting Around Mars with Nuclear Power

curiosity on mars

How is the Curiosity Rover getting around Mars? NASA’s Mars Science Lab runs on a nuclear-powered space battery.

A Fusion Reactor Powered by Plasma: Cheap, Safe, and Clean

plasma lamp

A reader questions the temperature and viability of plasma as an energy source. Decoded Science Nuclear Scientist Judy Haar explains.

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Japan Needs Power. What is the Plan to Deal With Electrical Shortages?

Japan's nuclear power reactors are all out of commission - Image by Steffen Kuntoff

Japan’s Prime Minister is considering reopening two nuclear reactors to ease the pain of the current power shortage crisis.

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Iran’s Nuclear Program: Secrets That Could Kill

iran nuclear program

Talks with Iran shut down, as the nation refuses inspection of its Parchin facility and announces that it will open two new nuclear plants. How much risk is there that Iran is pursuing weapons-grade uranium enrichment?