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Junaid Ali is an airline pilot who holds an ICAO-certified Commercial Pilot's License, and is currently serving in the national airline. An enthusiasm for aviation has inspired Junaid to add teaching to his resume - he has individually tutored over 20 flight students over the past several years.

Junaid writes primarily to inform passengers about flying procedures, commercial aviation, aircraft general knowledge and airplane aerodynamics.  After acquiring two years of experience in academic writing, and the extensive research related to it, he decided to make use of his commercial pilot's license, interest in aviation, passion for flying, and creative writing skills to publish informative works online.
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Flight MH 370: Did the Boeing 777-200ER Pilot Ditch Over Water?

What happens when a Boeing 777 has to make a water landing? Image by Arpingstone

If the pilot had to ditch MH 370 in water, perfect execution of the maneuver would have required a careful consideration of all the variables.

Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? Inverted Flight Explained

An aerobatic airplane flying upside down. Image by Chad Horwedel

Inverted flight is possible, but not advisable unless you’ve had adequate training and are flying an aerobic plane, made for acrobatic-style maneuvers.

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What Happens in an Explosive Decompression during Flight?

Remain calm in the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure. Image by MikeTowse

Loss of pressurization during flight is a serious emergency – knowing about explosive decompression in an aircraft can save your life.

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10 Die in Russian Plane Crash: Antonov An-28

An Antonov-28. Similar to the one that crashed in this tragic incident. Photo Credit: gynti_46

An Antonov-28 has crashed in Russia – with 10 dead, what caused this tragic crash?

A Twin Engine Beechcraft Baron Crashes at Millville Airport, New Jersey

This Beechcraft Baron is similar to the plane that crashed in Millville, NJ. Image by  Contando Estrelas

A twin-engine Beechcraft Baron crashed in New Jersey on August 29th, killing the pilot and injuring the passenger – what caused the crash?