Marissa Selner

About Marissa Selner

Marissa Selner holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Political Science and Communication from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She’s been analyzing political data for research databases since 2009.

Marissa's Her experience includes two years of political research and reporting. Marissa's expertise is in the study of polling data; she has performed research for several political campaigns.

Marissa is also active in the volunteer community. Her volunteer experience includes congressional and presidential campaigning, assisting with voter registration and interning for an animal welfare group.

Marissa Selner has been a professional freelance writer since 2009, and currently writes for private clients as well as several websites such as Salon.

Obama Post-Convention Poll Bounce: Will It Last?

Obama took the lead after the Democratic convention, but will it last? Photo Credit: Will White

Although President Obama appears to have received a post-convention bounce, recent polls show Romney regaining position – the race is tightening up again.

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Daily Tracking Polls Suggest Little or No Romney Convention Bounce

Modern political conventions don't tend to affect opinions as much as they did in the past. Photo Credit: Robert Neff

Daily tracking polls show little or no Romney bounce after the GOP convention – will Mitt Romney rise in the polls before election day, or will Barack Obama retain his lead to the end?

Last Week’s Polls: Does Romney Really Have 0 Support Among Black Voters?

romney ryan obama poll

Does Gov. Romney really have zero support among black voters, to President Obama’s 94% support? Marissa Selner breaks down the NBC election Poll.

Romney Edges Obama on Leadership, Values, and Honesty According to New Poll

romney vs obama

Changes in the presidential race? A new poll conducted for The Hill by Pulse Opinion Research found likely voters rating Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney higher than President Obama on several key likeability issues.

Question Wording Matters in New Fast and Furious Poll From CNN

holder vs congress

Are voters confused about the Fast and Furious Subpoena/Contempt conflict between Eric Holder and Congress? A new CNN poll shows that most Americans agree with the vote of contempt, but also think it was conducted for political gain.

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