Shannon Webster

About Shannon Webster

Shannon Webster holds a MA in Human Resource Management, and a BA in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. She enjoys examining the ways in which people can be influenced by others, and the impact of this influence on society as a whole.

Shannon is a technical writer living in Western Maryland.  She has worked with federal and state governments over the past decade, as well as in the financial sector. She also runs a website which takes a second look at politics in America.

Shannon has written about politics, finance, technology, science, investing, gay rights, gay marriage and civil liberties. Her expertise lies in politics and finance. She specializes in taking complex issues and simplifying them, so that anyone can understand the information.

In Shannon's words:

I am the oldest of three children and was always drawn towards writing. My grandmother was my biggest inspiration and motivation for wanting to write about things that interest me. I have lived in Europe, Asia and all across America. I have met a lot of people and learned many valuable skills. I served in the military during September 11th, and was stationed overseas for the majority of my four years.

New Program Reduces Teen Violence In Males Through Coaching

teen violence

Is it possible to reduce violence among teens through mentoring? A new program called Coaching Boys Into Men may have found the answer. Reducing teen violence has been a goal of many programs, with various rates of success, over the years. The main goal of most intervention programs is to teach teenage boys how to […]

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How Human are Chimps? Chimpanzees Use Conflict Management Techniques

how human are chimps

As anyone who has gathered around a water cooler knows, social settings can become contentious. Groups living in close proximity, working together, and sharing resources, can find themselves fighting amongst themselves. Family members argue with one another over chores or responsibilities. Coworkers argue over who was supposed to perform a task. Parents argue with children […]

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Deciding Based on Short-Term Results? You May Not Like the Long-Term Consequences

decision making process

Every day, humans make thousands of decisions in their daily lives. From where to eat to what to wear, we make split-second choices every moment of the day. For decisions which are complex, we cannot mentally process every outcome and how it will impact the next decision point, so how do we choose the best […]

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Kids Who Don’t Conform to Gender Roles Have Increased Risk of PTSD and Abuse


One out of every ten children in America exhibits behavior that is considered gender-nonconforming. A gender-nonconforming youth is defined as a child who engages in activities or behaviors which society states are only acceptable for the other gender. Common examples of this phenomenon include young boys playing with dolls, or young girls playing tackle football. […]

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Left-Handed vs. Right-Handed: Does Your Dominant Hand Predict Your Decision-Making Process?

Are you left-handed or right-handed? Image by Eastop

Do you make decisions based on right or left-handedness? According to researchers, 90 percent of people are dominantly right-handed, and use their right hands to do most daily activities, including writing, opening doors and bottles, using a computer’s mouse, and holding a cell phone. The remaining 10 percent of people, however interact with the world with […]

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