Malls Become Sanctuaries To More Than Just Christmas Shoppers

Christmas_trees in the mall

The holidays usher in images of the season -whether you celebrate with Christmas Trees or Hanukkah candles, or don’t celebrate at all, you probably spend some time at the mall. According to a new study, you’re not alone – many others are turning to shopping centers as a location for fellowship and celebration. Seasonal Shopping […]

Seminar Examines Depression Treatments For Patients

deep brain stimulation

Is deep-brain stimulation the answer for depression patients? A new seminar being released by researchers at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center looks at depression in a new light. For years, depression was seen as a symptom of many different disorders. The standard treatment was to prescribe anti-depressants, many of which result in increased suicidal thoughts […]

Attractive Men Overrate Women’s Interest

smile increases attractiveness

It’s a scene from countless movies and television shows. A pretty woman standing in a bar, drinking a drink. A hapless gentleman sees her from across the room. She spots him, and shows a smile. The gentleman takes this as an invitation and comes over to say hello. What happens next depends on how attractive […]

Addiction’s A Disease: Attitudes Must Change

cocaine addiction brain

According to a new editorial in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, written by Dr. Matthew Stanbrook, mental health professionals must change their attitudes when dealing with patients suffering from substance addiction. In Stanbrook’s view, health care professionals and society view addiction as a choice, rather than a disease. This view is harmful to patients, who […]