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Tel's education is science (BSc Chemistry) and business (MBA). She has a diploma in Small Business and a Certificate IV Training & Assessment (TAA). Prior career change as a writer/author, she worked in information technology for more than 25 years mainly as project manager and business consultant. She also has expertise in courseware development and computer training. Tel was contributing writer for inventors, scientists and authors for's Encyclopedia series in print, and was Feature Writer for Suite101's for few years. Her former employers include IBM Global Services, Computer Sciences Corporation Australia, and SGV (IACT)/Andersen Consulting. She founded Inspired Pen Network and manages a science-related site: Inspired Science Moments. Visit her on Google Plus

Radon in Granite Countertops: Is It Dangerous?

Your granite countertops are probably emitting radon, but the levels are low and generally not dangerous. Image by Tel Asiado

Are you worried about radioactive granite countertops? Gorgeous kitchen counters often do radiate radon, but the levels are low and probably not hazardous.

The Chemistry of Fireworks

What elements go into your favorite fireworks? Firework image by JosephHart

Interested in pyrotechnics? The beautiful colors and effects of fireworks are due to the chemical reactions between elements, heat and oxygen.

Ammonia: The Chemical at the Center of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

The ammonia molecule contains one atom of nitrogen and 3 atoms of hydrogen. Image by Benjah-bmm27

What is anhydrous ammonia – and why did the chemicals involved make the Texas fertilizer plant explosion as bad as it was?

Earth Chemistry at a Glance for Earth Day

chemical composition of the earth

Explore our planet’s chemistry and composition in celebration of Earth Day. Chemical elements make up the crust, mantle, and core – do you know which ones?

The Fibonacci Series, Phi, Shapes, and Numbers: Sacred Geometry in Nature and Culture

The Fibonacci Sequence appears in both art and nature. Image by labcstm

For eons, human beings have felt that certain numbers, ratios, and shapes have sacred significance. For instance, the number ‘7’ has had great significance in various aspects of many cultures, geometric shapes have been associated with numbers, and the Fibonacci series and Golden Ratio are still instrumental in everything from Art to Music. Sacred Meanings in Geometric […]

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