Population Growth: An Ignored Quality of Life Issue

People strain the environment. Image by Alvimann.

Could excessive population growth be leading us to a reduction in quality of life? As there are more people, we’ll have less jobs and resources.

U.S. Budget Deficit at Five-Year Low: Does ‘Obamanomics’ Work?

The deficit is shrinking - could Obamanomics be working? Image courtesy of the U.S. White House.

‘Obamanomics’ is a term coined to describe the economic policies of President Obama. Is the budget deficit reduction proof that these policies are working?

Tracfone Controversy in “Obama Phone” Smartphone Contract

Internet access coming to an Obama Phone near you? Image by Pete Souza

Internet access on a ‘Obama phone’ near you: Smartphones are being added to the low-income cell phone access program, under the Obama administration.

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Postal Service Set to Stop Saturday Deliveries: Financial Impact

Saturday postal deliveries will end in August. What are the financial implications for the Postal Service and its employees? Image credit: Billy Alexander.

USPS is trying to save money by reducing services. How will stopping Saturday delivery affect the U.S. Post Office, its customers, and its employees?

Valentine’s Day Spending 2013: Shopping Trends

How do Valentine's Sales impact the economy? Image by Kay82

How will Valentine’s Day spending and shopping trends impact the economy in 2013, and vice versa – will the economic downturn reduce spending on gifts this year?

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