What Would Happen to the Economy if the Stock Market Were to Crash?

The U.S Stock Market has endured many ups and downs over the years- are we headed toward another crash? Image courtesy of E. Robert Fernholz

The stock market has been rising almost unabated for four years, nearly doubling over that time period. What would a crash do to the U.S. economy?

What Would Happen to the Economy if Obamacare Were Repealed?


Calls for repeal of Obamacare are growing in the wake of the botched rollout; what would happen to the United States economy if Congress repeals the PPACA?

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The U.S. Economy: The Sum of the Parts May Be Less than the Whole

The economic recovery has not only been modest, but wildly uneven across the country. Credit: Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The U.S. economy has slowly moved forward since the end of the Great Recession, but many have fallen further behind despite the apparent improvement.

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US Economy Stalls: GDP Decreases in Final Quarter of 2012 – Unexpectedly?

GDP shrank in the 4th quarter of 2012, but why? Image Credit: Svilen Milev

GDP has decreased and the U.S. economy is stalled. Why has growth seen in the first three quarters of the fiscal year stopped, and what does this mean for 2013?

Obama Gun Control? Economic Implications of Banning Firearms

Gun shows are big business in the United States - would gun control hurt the economy? Image by glasgows

Some Americans are calling for a gun ban, due to the Sandy Hook tragedy – but if President Obama implements a gun ban, it could hurt the U.S. economy.

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