Sucralose: Possible Risks of a Common Artificial Sweetener

Sucralose is often used in baked products. Photo by Katrin Morenz.

Sucralose is a common artificial sweetener, but according to the research, it may not be very safe to use – either for human health or for the environment.

The Gulf Coast and Klamath Basin: News in the Interior

Klamath River Basin. Image by US Government.

This week’s news from the DOI features restoration efforts along the Gulf Coast and within the Klamath River basin.

The Effects of Air Pollution from Motor Vehicles

What affect is all this traffic having on our atmosphere? More than you'd think. Image by bullofriverside

Automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and other motor vehicles contribute to air pollution. Their emissions result in acid rain and atmospheric changes.

Hurricane Sandy and Fire Island

Before and After Oblique Aerial Photographs of Storm Damage on Fire Island. Image by USGS

Hurricane Sandy and Fire Island demonstrate the natural evolution of barrier islands which ultimately make the islands more resilient to sea level rise.

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GAIA Theory: Is There Evidence that Earth is a Self-Regulating System?

Sulfur Cycle and  Biogenics. Image by Bantle

There is a major business built around the metaphor of Gaia Theory, but where is the science? Could the sulfur cycle provide answers to long-held questions?

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