Facebook News Feed Manipulation: Are Online Emotions Contagious?

Facebook emotions are contagious. Image by dhester.

Did Facebook manipulate your news feed in 2012? Social media giant experimented on users and found that happy posts make us happier and vice versa.

Is Facebook Undermining Our Self-Control? Social Media and Self-Esteem

Will Facebook make you fat? Image by The Culinary Geek.

Facebook and other social media programs may be making use fat and poor – a new study shows that online self-esteem boosts may reduce our self control.

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Privacy: How Much Do We Really Want or Care About Private Information?

Women are more likely to have private Facebook pages.  Image by Ray_from_LA

The recent uproar over Randi Zuckerberg’s private family photo-gone-public has reignited discussions of Facebook privacy. Why do we care so much?

Facebook Privacy Concerns? There’s an App For That!

Do you keep your Facebook settings private? Image by l-e-i

On Facebook, privacy is a constant concern for many users. No one wants private information or photos to be visible to the entire Internet world, but what can you do about it? There are settings you can change, to prevent public access, and you can refuse access to any third-party app, but researchers at Penn […]

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