The Sequester: What Exactly Does it Mean?

Deficit spending, generally the norm, is the debate in Congress - By Farcaster, from Wikimedia Commons (

The sequester is upon us. What led up to these dramatic budget cuts, and what do the reductions in spending mean for the U.S. economy in 2013 and onward?

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Court: Obama Violated Constitution in Making Recess Appointments

Recess appointments bypass Congressional hearings. Image by Kmccoy

DC’s Federal Appeals Court: President Obama’s NLRB ‘recess’ appointments, made while the Senate was technically in-session, are unconstitutional and void.

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President Obama and the Exploding National Debt

A running tally of the national debt, taken about nine months before President Obama took office. Credit: By Jesper Rautell Balle (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

With Obama’s record deficits, the national debt is increasing rapidly; policymakers are at odds about what – if anything – to do about rising U.S. debt.

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The Cost of Protecting America: Financial Implications of Obama’s Gun Control Policies

How much can Obama afford to spend on gun control? Image credit: Eylem Culculoglu

Obama’s proposed a number of measures to increase gun control, and all of them are expensive. How will the U.S. pay for increased firearm regulation with an already-limited budget?

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The Ten Biggest Economic Stories of 2012

The world's soon-to-be-largest economy has some very modern architecture in its biggest cities. Image by WPPilot

Although the order can be argued and other stories could be swapped in, these are arguably the ten biggest economic issues that affected the U.S. in 2012.

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