Three Reasons Why the U.S. Economy Continues to Sputter

unemployment chart

While the stock market booms, the economy continues to falter; unable to achieve even average growth. Why is the economy still struggling?

Scabies Outbreak in Immigrant Camps: Medical Screenings by Non-Medical Personnel

scabies outbreak

The microscopic scabies mite has been spotted in camps for immigrant children crossing into the U.S. – even a Border Patrol agent has caught the disease.

Viagra and Melanoma: Should We Pay Attention?


A recent study has shown a connection between the popular erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, and melanoma – a deadly form of skin cancer.

Microcystin Algal Blooms a Danger to Dogs But New Treatment Shows Promise

Playing in or drinking stagnant water may expose dogs to micrycystin. Photo Credit: Ronald Laubenstein, USFWS

If your dog drinks water with algae on it, he may be in danger. Ingesting microcystin algal blooms can be fatal, but a Montana Vet may have found a solution.

What Do We Know About Whale/Dolphin Mass Strandings and Naval Exercises?

Melon-headed whales have stranded following sonar use

The U.S. Navy expects a certain number of whale and dolphin deaths and injuries during Naval Exercises. What is the impact of sonar on marine mammals?