New Ebola Virus Outbreak in West Africa: Who’s in Danger?

Shows the changes in the tissue due to the Ebola Virus, as well as the presence of the virus. Image by the CDC.

There’s a new Ebola virus strain circulating in Africa – and the outbreak is dangerous. There’s no vaccine, no treatment, and Ebola transmits easily.

Start-Up Business Activity and the Health of the U.S. Economy


Start-up businesses increase during declining economies and are a lagging indicator of the health of the economy. Are they also predictive of future growth?

Cat Owner Education is Important in Reducing Unwanted Litters

Keeping kittens from reproducing means fewer unwanted cats. Image by marykbaird.

Spay and neuter your kitten earlier, rather than later, if you don’t want your new furbaby to contribute to the cat overpopulation problem.

Mumps Outbreak in Ohio: Vaccinated Kids Getting Sick

The mumps is a contagious disease that has no cure. Image by the CDC

There’s a mumps outbreak in Ohio, and it’s not just the unvaccinated people who are getting sick. The MMR vaccine helps, but you can still catch the virus.

GMO Strawberries With Peanuts: Hoax or Hazard?

Are there peanuts in your strawberries? Nope. It's a myth. Image by Decoded Science

Have you heard about the genetically-modified strawberries on the market? The ones that are part peanut to prevent freezing? Stop worrying, it’s untrue.