Ebola Virus Outbreak Fear in Sierra Leone, West Africa spreads to Nigeria

Ebola outbreak map

The Ebola outbreak is severe; now concentrated in major African cities which have direct links to the United States through international air routes.

Listeria Hits the Markets. Food Recall for Food Borne Illness


Listeria contamination in peaches, plums, and other foods has prompted a fruit recall affecting Wal Mart, Trader Joe’s and Costco among others.

Greenhouse: Who has Donated, and How Much? Teenager’s Politican-Finance App

Right-click on a politician's name, and you get a popup that lists their donors. Screenshot by Decoded Science, all rights reserved.

Nick Rubin, a self-taught programmer still in high school, wrote the Greenhouse app without ever taking a computer class. How difficult is coding, really?

Three Reasons Why the U.S. Economy Continues to Sputter

unemployment chart

While the stock market booms, the economy continues to falter; unable to achieve even average growth. Why is the economy still struggling?

Scabies Outbreak in Immigrant Camps: Medical Screenings by Non-Medical Personnel

scabies outbreak

The microscopic scabies mite has been spotted in camps for immigrant children crossing into the U.S. – even a Border Patrol agent has caught the disease.