Finding Flight 370 With A Little Deduction And Some Math

Why would someone fly Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to Australia?

Calculations are at the heart of the search for flight MH370, but a little bit of logic wouldn’t hurt.

Finding Flight 370: The Math and the Meteorology

A Boeing 777. Photo credit M42

Missing Flight 370 could be within the Indian Ocean. How long should it take for organized search planes to find a Boeing 777 that could be anywhere within an area of 28 million square miles?

How to Divide Indivisible Goods Fairly: Algorithm for Dividing Assets

How do you divide assets when there's conflict over ownership? Math always finds a way. Image by xenia

Is it possible to fairly divide assets without anyone getting upset or jealous? With the help of an ingenious algorithm, you can divide the indivisible.

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Trending Statistics for Major Fatal US Shootings

Major US Shooting Incidents by Date" : Image by Mike DeHaan

2014 has already started off with violence erupting in public places, including malls and schools. Are mass shootings happening more often in the U.S.?

Risks of a School Shooting versus an Airplane Crash

Would it be safer to just stay home and fly a model plane instead? Let's do the math. Image by keyseeker

Answering a reader’s question, Mike DeHaan breaks down the statistics of school shootings and plane crashes to see which is more likely.