Three Reasons Why the U.S. Economy Continues to Sputter

unemployment chart

While the stock market booms, the economy continues to falter; unable to achieve even average growth. Why is the economy still struggling?

Is the U.S. Economy Heading Toward Another Recession?

Economic growth has taken a sharp turn downward during the first quarter of 2014. Image courtesy of

For the past five years, the U.S. has posted sub-normal growth. In the first quarter, that growth turned negative. Is the economy entering a recession?

Start-Up Business Activity and the Health of the U.S. Economy


Start-up businesses increase during declining economies and are a lagging indicator of the health of the economy. Are they also predictive of future growth?

Obamacare’s ‘Hardship Exemption’ May Put Law on Life Support

Is Obamacare over? Image courtesy of the U.S. Government

Obtain health insurance or pay a penalty: The mandate is a key provision of Obamacare. The expanded hardship exemption could seriously change the economics of the Affordable Care Act.

Bitcoin: A Passing Fad or the Future of Monetary Exchange?


Security issues and modest acceptance aside, Bitcoin is the world’s most successful digital currency. How does virtual money work, and is there a future for this system?