Flight MH 370: Did the Boeing 777-200ER Pilot Ditch Over Water?

What happens when a Boeing 777 has to make a water landing? Image by Arpingstone

If the pilot had to ditch MH 370 in water, perfect execution of the maneuver would have required a careful consideration of all the variables.

Do UFOs Really Exist? Pilots See Objects in the Sky

Aircraft can be mistaken for UFOs, particularly if the visibility is poor - image by Helen Krasner

Pilots have been seeing unidentified flying objects in the sky for years – but are these UFOs aliens or just natural phenomenon?

The Helicopter Private Pilot’s License Course

You've decided to learn to fly a helicopter, image by Helen Krasner

What’s involved in getting a helicopter private pilot’s license? PPL(H) courses and exams cover many subjects, so make sure you’re prepared for your tests.

Flight Lessons: Which Helicopter Should You learn to Fly On?

Robinson R22, the most popular training helicopter, image by Neil Harrison,

When you’re taking flight lessons, there are many choices: which school, which instructor, and more – should you be worrying about which helicopter as well?

Choosing a Helicopter Flying Instructor: Flight Training

Which Instructor is Right for You, Image by Neil Harrison, www.nericha.com

When you’re learning to fly a helicopter, pay close attention to the teacher you choose. Instructor styles vary, so don’t expect every class to be the same.