Mumps Outbreak in Ohio: Vaccinated Kids Getting Sick

The mumps is a contagious disease that has no cure. Image by the CDC

There’s a mumps outbreak in Ohio, and it’s not just the unvaccinated people who are getting sick. The MMR vaccine helps, but you can still catch the virus.

GMO Strawberries With Peanuts: Hoax or Hazard?

Are there peanuts in your strawberries? Nope. It's a myth. Image by Decoded Science

Have you heard about the genetically-modified strawberries on the market? The ones that are part peanut to prevent freezing? Stop worrying, it’s untrue.

Malaria Reacts to Climate Change; Moves to Higher Ground


The climate is changing. How will the increase in temperature and other factors affect the range of malaria incidences around the world?

Digging up the Black Death: What Caused the Black Plague, and Are We In Danger?

The black rat can be infected with the black plague and spread the disease via fleas. Image by the CDC

A new theory suggests that rats and their fleas may not be behind the tremendous death toll from the Black Plague, but scientists at the CDC disagree.

I Got the Flu From The Flu Shot! Debunking a Common Myth

The flu mist as seen here, cannot give you the flu. Image by the CDC.

Although there’s no guarantee that getting the flu shot will keep you from catching the flu, flu vaccination will absolutely not cause the flu.