Megadose of Measles Vaccine: Virotherapy to Cure Cancer

The measles vaccine has helped kill cancer in one patient. Image by the CDC.

Virotherapy may be the answer to cancer treatment problems. How could a massive dose of measles vaccine kill cancer?

Stop Cancer: Unnatural Killer Cells May Stop Spreading Cancer and Save Lives

Scientists are researching ways to reduce metastasis. Picture by Almoraco

Is there a new cure for cancer? Unnatural killer cells could be the answer to ending metastasis, when cancer cells break off and spread to other body parts.

Cancer Research: Attacking Brain Tumors With Epigenetic and Drug Therapy

Could cancer someday be a manageable disease, thanks to epigenetic and drug therapy? Image by calgrin

Researchers are finding new ways to combat cancer: Attacking gliomas, or brain tumors, with the use of epigenetic and drug therapy is a successful method.

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Defective Signaling Pathways: The Big Picture in Cancer


New research examines defective signaling pathways and mutations; can gene therapy help doctors in a personalized-medicine approach to cancer treatments?

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Cancer Treatment Gets Huge Nudge From Blind Mole Rats?

Blind mole rats may hold the key to curing cancer. Image by Vivan755

Blind mole rats’s adaptation to stressors like hypoxia, through modified genes, have enabled them to stave off cancer. Could spalax help people do the same?