Two Week Window: GameOver ZeuS Botnet Seized, CryptoLocker Blocked

Are you at risk from GOZeus or Cryptolock? A malware scan is the only good way to find out. (Seeing the malware at work on your computer is a bad way to find out). Image by Decoded Science

Security officials have seized GOZeuS and CryptoLocker networks. You have time to scan your computer, but what if you don’t? (And what is a botnet, anyway?)

Google Gmail Security Changes to Block NSA: What It Really Means for You


Do the latest changes to increase gmail security mean that your private emails are now safe from online snooping? The short answer is no.

Net Neutrality: Predicting the Future of the Internet

This map shows the availability of broadband Internet Access in the United States. Image courtesy of

The court struck down Net Neutrality once more: Does this mean the end of the Internet? If ISPs try to ruin ‘Online’ for everyone, are there other options?

Controlling Plants with Light: LEDs to Change Plant Growth

phytochrome photoreceptor

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are becoming more useful as they grow cheaper and more efficient. Researchers can now even use LED lights to control plant growth.

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Bitcoin Vulnerability: Are You at Risk of Losing Money?

Are Bitcoins just another currency to add to your list? Image by schoschie

Is the Bitcoin system vulnerable to hackers? The mining system is based on trust, but a dishonest ‘miner’ could bring the whole Bitcoin system down!