Japan’s Version of Google Glass: How Does It Work?

A company in Japan is creating its own version of Google Glass. Image by tedeytan

Intelligent Glass technology from Japan allows you to use any flat surface as a virtual tablet, instantly translate street signs, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Users Losing Out on Almost Half of Memory

Invest in micro-SD cards for extra storage. Image by Maiakaat

Samsung Galaxy S4 – doesn’t have quite as much memory as you may think. The phone’s software uses up nearly half of the available space .

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Weight Loss and Technology: Do Smartphone Apps Really Help?

You still need to put the effort in to lose weight. Image by quinn.anya.

Can a smartphone app help you lose weight? Tracking calories is a big part of many diets; apps may be more effective, long term, than websites or journals.

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Samsung Galaxy S4: Does It Really Compare to the iPhone and Nexus?

Samsung go further than the Galaxy Note S2 with eye-tracking technology. Image by vernieman

The Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t come out until April, but the buzz over this new smartphone’s eye-tracking and other features has already started.

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TV Technology: The Simpsons Predict Video Phones and More for 2010

The Simpsons predicted voice calls in 1995. Image by kalleboo

How accurate is the entertainment industry when predicting future technology? The Simpsons predicted video calls and hands-free devices for 2012, back in 1999.