Microcystin Algal Blooms a Danger to Dogs But New Treatment Shows Promise

Playing in or drinking stagnant water may expose dogs to micrycystin. Photo Credit: Ronald Laubenstein, USFWS

If your dog drinks water with algae on it, he may be in danger. Ingesting microcystin algal blooms can be fatal, but a Montana Vet may have found a solution.

What Do We Know About Whale/Dolphin Mass Strandings and Naval Exercises?

Melon-headed whales have stranded following sonar use

The U.S. Navy expects a certain number of whale and dolphin deaths and injuries during Naval Exercises. What is the impact of sonar on marine mammals?

Cat Owner Education is Important in Reducing Unwanted Litters

Keeping kittens from reproducing means fewer unwanted cats. Image by marykbaird.

Spay and neuter your kitten earlier, rather than later, if you don’t want your new furbaby to contribute to the cat overpopulation problem.

Dog Circovirus: How Concerned Should Dog Owners Be?

Can the circovirus pass directly between dogs? No one knows for sure. Image by pippalou

Dog circovirus – a virus found in many dogs who died last fall – is a newly-discovered illness similar to pig and bird circovirus. Is your pet in danger?

Can a Dog’s Own Platelets Reduce Pain and Lameness From Osteoarthritis?

It's hard to play when you're in pain. A new therapy could help dogs walk (and play) without the pain of arthritis. Image by almogaver

Osteoarthritis causes pain, swelling, and lameness in animals as well as humans. A new treatment, injecting platelets into the joint, provides significant relief.