The Remarkable Discoveries of Fritz Zwicky

Zwicky was first to discover galaxies form in clusters - small portion of Coma Galaxy Cluster shown here. NASA Image by Hubble.

Fritz Zwicky was the first astronomer to propose the existence of dark matter, supernovas, neutron stars, galactic cosmic rays, gravitational lensing by galaxies, and galaxy clusters. However, he remains virtually unknown to the public to this day.

Henrietta Swan Leavitt: Unsung Female Science Pioneer Lauded On Stage

leavitts law helps us measure the universe

Will an unsung astronomy pioneer, Henrietta Swan Leavitt, finally get the credit she deserves? In 1895 Henrietta Swan Leavitt volunteered as an unpaid assistant at Harvard College Observatory. Her work on Cepheid variable stars led to the discovery of galaxies beyond our Milky Way, the expansion of the universe, and the big bang. Leavitt’s Law […]

The Search for Dark Matter: Largest Survey Ever


An¬†international team of astronomers generated the largest map yet of the most abundant (and most mysterious) form of matter in our universe — dark matter. Results support the view that this invisible substance is the cosmic glue which holds galaxies and clusters of galaxies together. Unseen Matter and the Motion of Galaxies In 1933, Swiss/American […]

Will 2012 Be the Year of the Solar Storm?

Is there a danger from 2012 coronal mass ejections (CME) or solar storms? Image courtesy of NASA/JPL

The Question: Will 2012 be the year of the solar storm? Stories about “Solar Max” and electric gadget-frying-levels of solar flares are running high in the rumor mill. What is the truth about the solar maximum and solar storms in 2012? The short answer is: 2012 is will probably not be the “Year of the […]