Astronomers Discover Rare Triple Quasar System

Telescopes at European Southern Observatory's La Silla site, which includes the New Technology Telescope Image Credit: Iztok Boncina/ESO Creative Commons License.

Astronomers measured red shift to determine the distances between the stars of the triple quasar, and believe that the group may be the beginnings of a galaxy merger.

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Comet Pan-STARRS Visible in Northern Hemisphere Starting March 12

Comet Pan-STARRS

Comet Pan-STARRS will be visible in the Northern Hemisphere starting on the 12th of March, until the end of the month – but will not pass close enough to Earth to cause any harm.

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Expansion of the Universe and Light Travel-Time from Distant Galaxies

The Andromeda Galaxy Image Credit: Kitt Peak National Observatory.

The universe is expanding. Light from distant galaxies travels toward us even as the galaxies travel away from us; making light’s total travel time longer.

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Are There Dark Matter Black Holes?

Artist's conception of the distribution of dark matter in the halo surrounding the Milky Way Galaxy.  Image Credit:  ESO/L. Calçada, Creative Commons License

What is the relationship between dark matter and black holes? Dr. Paul Heckert explains MACHOs and WIMPs in the universe.

New Hypothesis for the Origin of Saturn’s Moons

Map of Saturn's moon system showing the relative sizes and positions of Titan, the middle-size moons, and the smaller moons.  Image Credit:  NASA/JPL

How were Saturn’s Moons formed? A new collision theory was proposed at the American Astronomical Society’s Division for Planetary Sciences meeting.

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