All Sorts of Therapies Effective for Depression Treatment: Key is Getting Help

Depression usually responds to treatment. Image by darcyadelaide.

What is the best therapy for depression? Recent studies show asking for help and connecting with someone for treatment is the answer to depressive symptoms.

Driven to Distraction by Language While Driving

Driven to distraction. Image by Adrian McGarry.

Our brains aren’t made to focus full attention on multiple tasks. If you’re driving and communicating at the same time, your driving safety will suffer.

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Understanding Embodied Simulation: Creating Meaning out of Language

Making sense out of experiences. Image by Adrian McGarry

What is embodied simulation? A new cognitive theory explains how we apply meaning to everything around us in our minds from our own experiences.

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Boston Marathon Bombing Tragedy: PTSD Triggers from Watching the News

Boston Marathon bombing required a biohazard team for cleanup - a traumatic situation indeed. Image by Ashstar01

Could the Boston Marathon bombing tragedy trigger Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) – even if you’re just watching the news reports on television?

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Jovan Belcher Tragedy: Football Players and Trauma

Football causes brain injury - was the Belcher tragedy related? Image by Elvert Barnes.

Science has determined that brain injury is linked to aggressive behavior; the Jovan Belcher murder/suicide is another in a string of football tragedies.