Seminar Examines Depression Treatments For Patients

deep brain stimulation

Is deep-brain stimulation the answer for depression patients? A new seminar being released by researchers at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center looks at depression in a new light. For years, depression was seen as a symptom of many different disorders. The standard treatment was to prescribe anti-depressants, many of which result in increased suicidal thoughts […]

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Dream Interpretation: Myth or Science?


The innerspace of our mind is just as mysterious and amazing as outer space, and the unconscious nature of dreams adds to the intrigue. Recent research into neuro-plasticity and unconscious processes is refuting some old assumptions about the meaning and purpose of dream states, and providing new evidence that some old theories were remarkably predictive. Frequency of Dreams […]

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New Biochemical Findings Might Explain Why Children with Regressive Autism Lose Skills

Neuron - Image by Nicolas P. Rougier

A possible link between decreased protein kinase A (PKA) levels in the frontal cortex and the loss of developmental skills at 15-24 months was recently reported in PLoS.ONE by Abha Chauhan and colleagues at the NYS Institute for Basic Research and Developmental Disabilities in Staten Island, New York. PKA, which is critical for learning and memory, has […]

Genetic Link to Suicide: BDNF Marker Val66Met

Is there a genetic link to suicide? Image by Delaware Biotechnology Institute

The tragedy of suicide has a ripple effect, traumatizing those left behind and sometimes creating a contagion effect, especially among adolescents and young adults.  Studies have revealed various risk factors for suicide, with alcohol dependency standing out as a major factor.  The risk for suicidal ideation and completion is increased 60 to 120 times in […]

Dissociative Identity Disorder: A Mysterious and Challenging Condition

Dissociative Identity Disorder (formeraly Multiple Personality)

Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder, is a devastating condition for the individual burdened with it, but fascinating to the general public.  D.I.D. has been the focus of several books and movies, thus sensationalized and usually misunderstood.  Some medical doctors have been known to deny the existence of dissociation, much to the dismay of the […]