Pesticides in Our Homes: Malathion’s Health Effects

Malathion is used to treat pests like the mosquito. Image by: USDA

Many of us use pesticides in and around the home. Malathion, which breaks down into Malaoxon is one example: How do organophosphates affect you?

Well-child Visits Increase Risk of Flu: Going to the Doctor Makes You Sick

flu checkup

It’s not your imagination: going to the doctor increases your family’s risk of catching the flu. How can you avoid getting sick at a well-child visit?

Graco Car seat Recall: Are Your Baby’s Buckles Safe?

If you have a Graco carseat, and it looks like this, check your model number - it may be unsafe. Image by Janelle Vaesa, all rights reserved

Graco has issued a recall that affects over three million carseats – does your baby or toddler’s seat have a faulty buckle?

Flu Season 2014 Update: Have You Gotten Sick Yet?

Where are doctors receiving reports of flu-like illness? Image courtesy of the U.S. CDC

Flu deaths remain above epidemic levels – how bad is influenza in 2014, and which subtype of the flu is most common? 2009 H1N1 is back.

Flu Update: Epidemic Deaths Due to Influenza, More H1N1

How accurate is the flu map? It all depends on doctor-reported illness, so may not reflect how many people are really getting sick. Map courtesy of the CDC

The latest update from the CDC shows the flu receding in the south, but gaining ground in other areas. Who’s getting hit hardest by influenza, and why?