Gene Enhancers Influence Your Unique Identity


Researchers mapped gene enhancers contributing to skull and face development; we’re closer to isolating causes of craniofacial defects like cleft palate.

Halloween Candy Hazards: Your Brain on Sugar (Put the Snickers Down)

Too much sugar not only is bad for your weight, but your brain. Image by Fritzs

It’s Halloween, and there’s candy everywhere. How bad is all that sugar, really? Too much added sugar may be worse than you think, so moderation is key.

Showering with Cancerous Chemicals? Shampoo and Soap Hazards

Do you know what's in your shampoo? Image by Kulmalukko

Many shampoos have a chemical called cocamide DEA – California says that this chemical causes cancer, but the FDA’s not worried. Should you be concerned?

Chicken Salad Recall Due To Listeria: Boston Salad and Provisions Company

Double check that chicken salad before eating! Image by Lara604

If you’ve bought ready-to-eat chicken salad, check the label – you’ll need to throw away any listeria-contaminated food to avoid getting sick.

Halloween Hazards: Colored Contacts, Makeup and Candy Scarier than Monsters

The young girl's tiger painting is scary enough; what's scarier is what is in the face paint. Image by  Trusilver

If you thought the scariest thing about Halloween was the ghouls, think again: Lead in face paint and in candy are waiting to make you sick – and off-label contacts can cause permanent blindness.