The Budget, Deficits and Default: America’s Self-Inflicted Crises

Intransigence notwithstanding, President Obama and Speaker of the House John Boehner will have to figure out a way to work together. Credit: By Pete Souza (Executive Office of the President of the United States) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Three economic issues are always in the news: The U.S. budget, the deficit, and the prospect of a U.S. default. Three simple steps could solve them all.

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What’s In Your Chicken Nugget: Ingredients Will Surprise You

Do you know what's in those nuggets? Image by Evan-Amos

Researchers investigated chicken nuggets from two fast-food chains; what they found may surprise you. Hint: It wasn’t 100% white-meat chicken.

Deadly Hornet Attack in China: What Happens When Vespa Mandarinia Stings?

The world's largest hornet packs a punch when it stings, leaving what looks to be bullet wounds in a person. Image by Gary Alpert

The Giant Asian Hornet attacks in China have affected hundreds of people; stings contain a potent neurotoxin and an enzyme that makes you bleed.

Locating Genes With Recombinant DNA Techniques

Figure 1: Restriction Map of pBR322 Plasmid, Ayacop, Yikrazuul

Genetic research offers many benefits, including medical treatments tailored for individuals – but how do scientists locate specific genes within DNA?

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New Drug, ‘Molly’ is Very Dangerous: Pure Powder Ecstasy or Unknown Ingredients?

Like 'Molly', the drug ecstasy is made with MDMA,  Image by DEA.

The new drug on the club scene is ‘Molly’ – it’s marketed by drug dealers as a pure form of ecstasy, but a pill could contain anything – and can be fatal.