Assessment of Physical and Ecological Limits of Biofuels

Sugar cane is used to produce biofuels. Phot by José Reinaldo da Fonseca.

Are biofuels really better? A study shows that the ecological footprint of biofuels may be higher than for fossil fuels, so put down the ethanol!

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Reducing Carbon Monoxide in the Atmosphere: Innovative Catalyst for CO Oxidation

Carbon monoxide is oxidized to carbone dioxide by catalytic converters. Photo by Hiddenpower.

Scientists have developed a very efficient catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation. The catalyst is made of nanocrystals deposited on cerium oxide.

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Colorado, Arizona, Indonesia: Wildfires and Air Quality Concerns

The smoke from Indonesia's raging wildfire is spreading across Singapore. Image courtesy of NASA

In Colorado, Arizona and Indonesia, wildfires are a huge air pollution problem, and climate change means wildfires will increase in frequency and magnitude.

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Coal as Fuel: Impact on the Environment and Environmentalists

Pollutants can be emitted during coal combustion. Photo by Brentdanley.

Are the Greenpeace protests a logical use of time and resources? Coal pollutes, but there are currently no practical ways to completely stop using this fossil fuel.

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Wind Farms in Australia: Overcoming Local Opposition

Electricity can be generated by wind farms. Photo by Dorothy Carse.

Australian research studies public view of wind farms – trust, procedural justice, and place-attachment are key themes for local acceptance of wind energy.

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