Colorado, Arizona, Indonesia: Wildfires and Air Quality Concerns

The smoke from Indonesia's raging wildfire is spreading across Singapore. Image courtesy of NASA

In Colorado, Arizona and Indonesia, wildfires are a huge air pollution problem, and climate change means wildfires will increase in frequency and magnitude.

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Coal as Fuel: Impact on the Environment and Environmentalists

Pollutants can be emitted during coal combustion. Photo by Brentdanley.

Are the Greenpeace protests a logical use of time and resources? Coal pollutes, but there are currently no practical ways to completely stop using this fossil fuel.

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Wind Farms in Australia: Overcoming Local Opposition

Electricity can be generated by wind farms. Photo by Dorothy Carse.

Australian research studies public view of wind farms – trust, procedural justice, and place-attachment are key themes for local acceptance of wind energy.

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Wind Power: Reaching the Physical Limit?

Wind turbine may be the cause of bird mortality. Photo by Southgeist on Flickr

The power generated by wind turbines array may be less than previously thought, due to slowing effect that the turbines have on the wind itself.

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Arctic Sea Ice Level: Effects on Greenhouse Gases Exchange and the Environment

Sea-ice in the Arctic has been monitored regularly. Photo by Derdento on Pixabay.

How does the decline in the Arctic sea-ice cause alterations in the uptake and emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane?

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