Chile Dominates, but Earthquakes Also in Panama and Yellowstone: 28 March-3 April 2014

Chile's earthquake sequence dominated the week's seismic activity. Image credit: USGS

The quakes in Chile dominated the week’s earthquake activity – but there were also noteworthy tremors in Panama and the United States.

M8.2 Earthquake off Chile: 1 April 2014

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Chile’s M8.2 earthquake of 1 April 2014 is the largest in the world this year. The quake took place in an area recently undisturbed by major tremors: a so-called ‘seismic gap.’

M5.1 La Habra Earthquake: a Warning for Los Angeles?

Surface and subsurface fault maps of LA. Image credit: USGS/SCSN

Are the recent earthquakes in California normal, or should Los Angeles residents, and other members of the Golden State, take the quakes as a warning?

Andaman Sea, Fiji and Idaho: Earthquakes 21-27 March 2014

Earthquakes 21-27 March 2014. Image credit: USGS

Earthquake aftershocks accounted for an increase in seismic activity this week. There were interesting – and differing – earthquakes near Fiji and in the Andaman Sea.

Chile, South Atlantic and California: Earthquakes 14-20 March 2014

A reminder for Los Angeles. Image credit: USGS

This week saw earthquakes in Chile and the South Atlantic among others – oh, and a gentle reminder to Los Angeles of the power of the planet.