Weather Around The World: Typhoon, Drought, Flood — And Lobsters?

A large low pressure system in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is pushing warm, humid air towards the UK. Courtesy of Metoffice

Summer brings on a slew of weather problems: flood, drought, tropical storms, and more. Find out what, where, and why.

Washington Wildfires: As Unpredictable As The Weather

Smoke from the Washington fires as seen from space. Courtesy of NASA

The Washington wildfires are confounding firefighters with their erratic movement. Find out why.

Rammasun Becomes a Super-Typhoon; Matmo Threatens Taiwan

typhoon matmo

Last week it was Super-Typhoon Neoguri; this week, Super-Typhoon Rammasun. And now Matmo is a threat to Taiwan and beyond. What’s going on in the western Pacific Ocean?

What, Where, When, And Weather For Weekend Activities

The forecast for Saturday, 7/19/14. Courtesy of NOAA

It’s midsummer. Time for beaching and boating. There are also participant and spectator events on many continents. Will the weather cooperate?

Kansas Shaken By M3.6 Earthquake July 17, 2014: More Fracking Quakes

kansas quake

An M3.6 earthquake shook Kansas on July 17 – was this tremor the result of ancient fault lines, or just another in the series of Oklahoma fracking quakes?