Winter Storms A to Z: Zephyr To Dump A Foot Of Snow in Colorado And Wyoming

The National Weather Service forecast for 2 p.m. Sunday. Snow in Colorado; severe weather in Texas and Arkansas. Image courtesy NOAA

We’ve reached the end of the alphabet and the winter storm season. Zephyr will cause a wide variety of both winter- and spring-type stormy weather from the Rocky Mountains to the east coast.

M7.6 Earthquake Strikes off the Solomon Islands: 13 April 2014

Major earthquakes (at least M7.6) in the western Pacific since 1900. Image credit: USGS

A large earthquake south of the Solomon Islands is the second to strike the western Pacific in recent days. What caused these earthquakes, and are they linked?

Weather Around The World: Activity In Both Hemispheres

Precipitation forecast for the next week: no rain for drought-stricken west; thunderstorms in the Mississippi Valley. Forecast courtesy of NOAA

Winter, with its cold and snow, departs the northern hemisphere. But what will take its place? Will 2014 be an El Niño year?

Weather In The Southern Hemisphere: Spinning The Wrong Way And Other Differences


The search for MH370 has focused attention on the weather in a part of the southern hemisphere. You might think the hemispheres are symmetrical, weatherwise, but they’re not.

Tornado Outbreak In The Heartland: One Of Winter Storm Yona’s Many Tunes


Yona affected Texas and Minnesota — and every state in between — with a medley of foul weather, including tornadoes. Will there be an encore?