Post-It-Notes For Feet: Sticky Protein Enhances Starfish Stride

Star Fish Tube Feet Up Close / Credit: Elise Hennebert

We know how geckos stick to dry surfaces – and now researchers have isolated the proteins responsible for a starfish’s underwater adhesive abilities.

Hornworts Loan Genes to Ferns for Shady Environments

How did ferns evolve the ability to utilize low levels of light? Image courtesy of Fay-Wei Li

Think GMOs are unnatural? Think again: Horizontal Gene Transfer, the exchange of genetic material between unrelated organisms, occurs in both plants and animals during evolution.

Why was Marius the Giraffe Killed? Copenhagen Zoo’s Decision

Do zoo breeding programs result in problems when too many babies with the same genetic makeup are born? Image by ren

Zoos have breeding programs to maintain numbers of various animals in captivity. What’s the reasoning behind the killing of Marius the giraffe?

Cold, Glorious Cold: How Cold Snaps Play a Role in Managing Invasive Species


Supercooled bugs: What role does cold play in managing invasive species? Believe it or not, some insects have internal antifreeze to get through the winter.

Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas

Image courtesy: Sara Childers. 
This orca at SeaWorld Florida clearly exhibits open holes in her teeth. The holes are a consequence of a 'modified pulpotomy.'

Conditions of captivity lead to irreversible tooth damage for killer whales – why are Orcas losing their teeth, and enduring painful dental procedures?

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