Plants Can Do Maths: Can We Calculate An Improvement In Food Security?

Improving Global Wheat Yields with 20:20 Wheat. Is it possible to increase
UK wheat yields to 20 tonnes/hectare in 20 years? (image provided courtesy of Rothamsted Research)

Plants use math calculations to keep going after the sun goes down – can we use this understanding to increase crop yields and improve our food supply?

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Investigating the 19th Century Irish Potato Famine with Ancient DNA

Potato infestation

Plant pathologists collect samples via pressed leaves and flowers, to find similarities between DNA in ancient and current pathogens, such as potato blight.

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Holly and Ivy Too Well Grown: Invasive Holiday Plants in the United States


Holly and ivy, although festive reminders of winter holidays, are aggressive invasive plant species taking over habitats here in the United States.

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How Does Pollination Work? Pollen Tubes Play A Key Role

Pollen tubes in lilies: Image by Neutr0nics

What role does the pollen tube play in pollination, and how does it really work? The Department Molecular Biology, at Brown University, has illuminated the intriguing process of pollination in new research published today in Current Biology.

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Talking Trees: How Real Life Ents Cooperate With Each Other

Trees Communicate Through Root Sytems and Fungus: Image by Kate Mereand

The Ents: they’re walking, talking trees, and they are a figment of Tolkien’s imagination, right? Not quite. Tree species around the world can cooperate via their fungal friends, and they are connected to each other through a complex web of ecological interrelationships that sounds like it has leaped off of the pages of a fantasy […]