Post-It-Notes For Feet: Sticky Protein Enhances Starfish Stride

Star Fish Tube Feet Up Close / Credit: Elise Hennebert

We know how geckos stick to dry surfaces – and now researchers have isolated the proteins responsible for a starfish’s underwater adhesive abilities.

Enhancer RNAs (eRNAs) New Targets for Gene Therapy?


There’s a new type of gene therapy: Suppressing non-coding RNA, or eRNA. is the primary target in treatment of disease-causing genes.

Chris Froome’s Parasite – What is Bilharzia Anyway?

Chris Froome is an outstanding athlete, despite having apparently suffered repeatedly with schistosomiasis. Image by Brian Townsley: CC BY 2.0

Chris Froome’s claim of chronic bilharzia symptoms from a parasitic infection has been received with skepticism by some. How rare is schistosomiasis really?

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Cyclospora – An Elusive Intestinal Parasite Hiding on Raw Produce

Vegetables should be thoroughly washed to remove harmful microorganisms, especially if you plan to eat them raw. Image courtesy of Man vyi.

Cyclospora cayetanensis is a sometimes-rare parasite that has affected over 100 people in the most recent outbreak of food-borne gastroenteritis.

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Military Ratchets up Dangerous Pathogen Research at Fort Detrick

Labs study deadly viruses like Ebola to better combat outbreaks in the wild. Image courtesy of the U.S. CDC

The military’s new USAMRIID lab at Ft. Detrick is a level-4 lab – capable of conducting safe research on dangerous pathogens such as the ebola virus.

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