Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas

Image courtesy: Sara Childers. 
This orca at SeaWorld Florida clearly exhibits open holes in her teeth. The holes are a consequence of a 'modified pulpotomy.'

Conditions of captivity lead to irreversible tooth damage for killer whales – why are Orcas losing their teeth, and enduring painful dental procedures?

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Pacu Panic: The “Testicle-Eating” Fish May Not Be So Scary After All

Is the pacu so scary? Experts don't think so. Picture by Thorke Østergaard.

Pacu, fish with human-like teeth reputations for eating men’s testicles, may be spreading their habitat across Europe. Are these pirahna-cousins dangerous?

Pufferfish and the High Price of Love: Underwater Crop Circles?

This male pufferfish has perfected the art of attracting a female! Image courtesy of Dr Kawase

The tiny male pufferfish, intent on impressing a potential mate, is the architect behind mysterious seabed designs similar to crop circles on land.

Can a Mosquito Kill a Killer Whale? Yes, Says New Case Report

Little mosquitoes cause a big problem for orcas. Image by the US Department of Agriculture

Mosquitoes are tiny, but they’re a big problem for captive marine mammals – these little bugs have been the cause of death for at least two orcas.

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Rafting Across the Pacific: Invasive Species Coming to North America with Debris from the Japan Tsunami.

Dock In Olympic National Park

Invasive species are washing up on our shores after a long ocean trip beginning with Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami. How much damage can new species do?

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