The Washington Wildfires: Carlton Complex Fire and Mills Canyon Complex Blaze

Forest fire season means big ecological change for many Pacific Northwest ecosystems. Photo: ren / CC by 2.0

The Carlton Complex Fire and Mills Canyon Complex blaze are hurting Washington’s ecology- and residents. In this green state, why are so many fires burning?

Cold, Glorious Cold: How Cold Snaps Play a Role in Managing Invasive Species


Supercooled bugs: What role does cold play in managing invasive species? Believe it or not, some insects have internal antifreeze to get through the winter.

Hair Ice and Frost Flowers: Beautiful Ice Crystal Structures

Frost flowers grow from plant stems that crack open. Photo: US Department of Agriculture / CC by 2.0

These beautiful ice crystals seem to grow out of plants, logs, and the ground. What are hair ice and frost flowers, and how do they form in nature?

Rain, Rain, Come Again: California Drought Lingers On

Many US salad crops come from California. Image by kzinn

The California drought is threatening the nation’s food supply; fires are a risk as well. What implications are there for the state’s forests and farmers?

Pucker Up: Mistletoe Ecology

Mistletoe creates nest-like structures in trees. Image by HFK.

How did a parasitic plant come to be a bringer of Christmas romance? Let’s just say that Mistletoe knows a lot about relationships.