How Airplanes Fly: Small Aircraft Controls

All aircraft, large and small, fly by means of the same basic principles.  Image by Helen Krasner

How does a small aircraft work? Basic controls, the phenomenon of lift, and the basic flight experience explained.

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Can Airplanes Fly Upside Down? Inverted Flight Explained

An aerobatic airplane flying upside down. Image by Chad Horwedel

Inverted flight is possible, but not advisable unless you’ve had adequate training and are flying an aerobic plane, made for acrobatic-style maneuvers.

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Loss of Tail Rotor Effectiveness (LTE) in Helicopters

LTE can occur in certain conditions when hovering. Image by Helen Krasner

What is a loss of tail rotor effectiveness (LTE) in helicopter flight, and how does a pilot prevent or correct the phenomenon when flying?

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Brain-Controlled Helicopters: How Do They Fly?

Is a mind-controlled helicopter possible? Image by Helen Krasner

A new mind-controlled helicopter toy could have training implications for pilots-in-training, if it flies like a real ‘copter – but does it?

Vortex Ring: the ‘Helicopter Stall’

Helicopters in vortex ring can fall out of the sky!  Image by Neil Harrison,

What is ‘vortex ring,’ how do you tell when it is happening to your helicopter, and above all – how do you get out of it before you crash into the ground?

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