Interpreting One Report of Statistics on Science Comprehension

original image by xandert.

A recent survey showed a positive correlation between tea party affiliation and science knowledge. Could stereotypes about this fringe group be wrong?

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Hypatia Taught Conic Sections and Diophantine Equations

conic sections

Hypatia of Alexandria was a woman mathematician who taught about conic sections and Diophantine equations. Does this math still work, centuries later?

How to Make a Natural Number Series of Square Numbers

Grid to Generate Square Numbers : image by Mike DeHaan

It’s easy to find the next number in a series of squares if you have a calculator in-hand, but what if you’re calculating on paper or in your head?

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Cross Multiply to Solve Equations with Fractions

Specific Cross Multiplication Example : image by Mike DeHaan

Having trouble solving for X in an equation that involves fractions? This simple ‘fractions’ guide decodes the process in five easy-to-follow steps.

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A Sample Case Study of Math for a Casino Business Proposal

Toronto Skyline from Billy Bishop Airport : image by beachdigital (George Socka)

You can use math to evaluate business proposals, such as the proposed Toronto Casino. Spreadsheets can help you clarify issues, and determine if projections are valid.

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