Politics and Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Ties that Bind Obama to Bush


Is President Obama more like President Bush than anyone imagined in 2008? Chemical attacks and weapons of mass destruction may be the legacy of both men.

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Navy SEALs Investigation: Another Sign of Obama Military Incompetence?

Obama saluting fallen SEALs

Critics are questioning President Obama’s decisions on military subjects, from the exposure of Navy SEAL Team 6 to a failure to cut off aid to Egypt.

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Reliable Pollster Report Card in 2012 Presidential Election

"Gallup Rasmussen and Silver Poll Reliability 2012" image by Mike DeHaan

How accurate were the various polling agencies in final predictions for the 2012 elections? Nate Silver, of course, takes home the ultimate accuracy prize.

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A Tale of Three Maps: How Obama Won States While Losing Counties


President Obama won the 2012 election, but apparently lost the majority of the counties across the U.S. How does such a red electoral map result in a victory for Democrats?

Is Romney in Trouble? Early Voting Results in Swing States

Romney appears to trail after early voting but is hoping for a big turnout on election day. Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore.

Early voting results in key states indicate Obama is in the lead. Should the Romney camp be worried about early and absentee voting counts in swing states?