Fiji and Alaska: Earthquakes 17-23 July 2014

Earthquakes 19-23 July 2014. Image credit: USGS

This week saw earthquakes around the Pacific, including Fiji and Alaska. Smaller, quarry-related blasts are also of interest.

June Climate Report: Ho-Hum, Another Record Warm Month. Yawn.

June temperature departures from the 20th century average. Red is warmer than average. Courtesy of NOAA

Combined ocean and air temperature averaged over the globe for June, like May, was the warmest ever for the month. Some places were warmer than others.

Weather Around The World: Typhoon, Drought, Flood — And Lobsters?

A large low pressure system in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is pushing warm, humid air towards the UK. Courtesy of Metoffice

Summer brings on a slew of weather problems: flood, drought, tropical storms, and more. Find out what, where, and why.

Phosphorus Scarcity: Latest Developments and Reports


Phosphorus is an essential element for fertilizers and food production. What happens when we reach peak phosphorus, and its availability is limited?

Washington Wildfires: As Unpredictable As The Weather

Smoke from the Washington fires as seen from space. Courtesy of NASA

The Washington wildfires are confounding firefighters with their erratic movement. Find out why.