Weather Around The World This Week: All (Mostly) Clear On The Western Front

Precipitation forecast for the next week. Heavy rain on the Pacific coast and rain connected with thunderstorms in the heartland where tornadoes are possible. Forecast courtesy of NOAA

Air pollution in China, a continuation of the unusual warmth in Europe, a single tropical system, and some actual signs of spring in the United States are prominent in this week’s weather. Plus: Defining Tropical Storm Terms

Ultralong Hydroxyapatite Micro-Tubes: Biomaterial with Potential in Dentistry


Researchers have developed a method to prepare ultralong hydroapatite microtubes to reproduce the tooth structure – a major boon to dental patients.

Kepler-186f: How Astronomers Discovered an Earth-Sized Planet in a Star’s Habitable Zone

An artist's conception of Kepler-186f Image Credit: NASA

How did astronomers find Kepler-186f, an Earth-sized planet in the fabled ‘habitable zone’ – where liquid water can exist?

Mexico’s Good Friday Earthquake: M7.2, 18 April 2014

Earthquakes of at least M6.0 in and around Guerrero province since 1900. Image credit: USGS

Good Friday 2014 saw a major earthquake strike in Mexico’s Guerrero province. The tremor was the largest to occur in the so-called ‘seismic gap’ for over a century.

Solar System Chemistry: Snow Line, Thermodynamics, and the Proto-planetary Disk

Our solar system is visually-striking, but what is the chemistry behind it? Image courtesy of NASA

How does the location of Earth affect our planet’s chemistry – and the interaction of the molecules necessary for life on our world?