Kepler-186f: How Astronomers Discovered an Earth-Sized Planet in a Star’s Habitable Zone

An artist's conception of Kepler-186f Image Credit: NASA

How did astronomers find Kepler-186f, an Earth-sized planet in the fabled ‘habitable zone’ – where liquid water can exist?

Stormy Weather: CME Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field, January 9

CME event Jan. 7, 2014. Image by NASA, ESA, SOHO

What will happen when plasma from the first major solar storm of 2014 hits Earth? A dramatic display of Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights.

Keep Watching the Skies: Protecting Earth Against Asteroid Impacts


The B612 Foundation has a mission: To keep an eye out for asteroids that might hit the Earth. Are we really in danger from space’s flying objects?

New Horizons: NASA’s Pluto-Bound Spacecraft Keeps on Going, And Going

An artist's rendering of the New Horizons probe above Pluto. The spacecraft is expected to arrive at Pluto in July 2015. Credit: NASA & Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft is still on its journey to Pluto, calculated to successfully reach the “dwarf planet” in July of 2015.

Requiem for a Comet: ISON Burns Up

NASA’s STEREO-A spacecraft took this image of Comet ISON (at lower left) as it neared the Sun Nov. 25. Comet Encke can be seen below ISON. The comet did not survive its perihelion passage. (NASA)

The famed Comet ISON has burned up in proximity to the sun, instead of reducing civilization to rubble. Was this astronomical event over-hyped?