Triclosan: The All Purpose Anti__?

triclosan dangers

How dangerous is the antibacterial soap you’re using? Triclosan may not be keeping your family healthy, based on its chemistry and animal trials.

Phosphorus Scarcity: Latest Developments and Reports


Phosphorus is an essential element for fertilizers and food production. What happens when we reach peak phosphorus, and its availability is limited?

Viagra + Melanoma = Caution


A new study shows a link between Viagra and melanoma – but sildenafil also has potential benefits for other types of cancer and heart problems.

Sunscreen Filter Made from Cod Fish Bones: Non-Toxic UV Protection?

non toxic sunscreen

Researchers have developed sunscreen made from cod fish bones which absorbs in the whole UV range, and could be used in sun protection creams or in fabric.

Organic Chemistry, Molecular C60, and Safety in Research

C60--Buckminster Fullerene, Molecule behind nanotechnology revolution. Built by John Jaksich using Avogadro Open Source Software

This week’s chemistry news concerns molecular C60, safe oxidization, and a better way to teach college students.