Chemistry of Meat: Amino Acids and Proteins

Steak Dinner - Image: Morguefile by LifeisGood

Meat, whether steak or chicken, is still popular for dinner, and is made of amino acids and proteins. How do these two classes of compounds interrelate?

Chemistry of Pesticides: Toxic Chemical Lindane and the Blood-Brain Barrier

h1 Polypeptide. Courtesy of National Institute of Health

Pesticides are poisonous; although we want these chemicals to get rid of bugs, we don’t want substances such as Lindane to cross the blood-brain barrier.

The Chemistry of Citrus Fruit: the Terpene Limonene


What’s the chemistry behind lemony smells and flavors? Citrus fruits offer both pronounced flavor and pungent aroma, thanks to a chemical called d-limonene.

Lindane: Pharmaceutical and Environmental Persistance

beta structure of Lindane

The U.S. government has banned agricultural use of Lindane, but this toxic chemical has inundated the Earth’s biosphere – even to Antarctic ice.

Classic Ionic Hückel Aromatic Structures

The Cycloheptatrienyl Cation a.k.a. Tropylium Ion - PD Image by Benjah-bmm27 Wikimedia Commons

Hückel Aromatic Structures include not only electrically-neutral species, but ions as well.