Self-cleaning Surfaces Resistant to Abrasion and Contamination

Treated glass surface.

Researchers from University College London (UK) developed a new paint which, when applied on surfaces, makes them superhydrophobic (very water repellant) and self-cleaning. Such surfaces are resistant to abrasion and handling; moreover, they maintain their properties even if contaminated with oil. These characteristics make them suitable for new everyday applications. Self-cleaning Surfaces Self-cleaning surfaces are […]

Roman Cement: Genius from Roman Artisans and Engineers


Ancient Roman civilization left behind numerous legacies that we still study and admire – including their amazing cement. What’s the secret behind the stately buildings of Roman times? Roman Technology Modern cement owes its origins in part to ancient Roman engineers who utilized volcanic components from Mount Vesuvius to create a unique cement that took […]

Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Brazilian Steel Production: Native Charcoal and Deforestation

Brazilian forest.

In a study published in Nature Climate Change, scientists show that the carbon dioxide emissions from Brazil’s steel production doubled in the 2000-2007 period, despite a decrease in the use of coal. According to the researchers, Brazil used native charcoal, i.e. charcoal produced from native forests, to fuel the steel-production industry… which led to deforestation and, […]