Mexico’s Good Friday Earthquake: M7.2, 18 April 2014

Earthquakes of at least M6.0 in and around Guerrero province since 1900. Image credit: USGS

Good Friday 2014 saw a major earthquake strike in Mexico’s Guerrero province. The tremor was the largest to occur in the so-called ‘seismic gap’ for over a century.

Major Earthquakes in the Western Pacific and Nicaragua: 11-17 April 2014

Location of the week's earthquakes in the western Pacific. Image credit: USGS

In a week with an unusually high number of earthquakes, the major focus was on the western Pacific – but an earthquake in Nicaragua also raised concerns.

Weather Around The World This Week: Pick Your Poison

Category five tropical cyclone Ita as it approached Australia. Satellite photo courtesy of NOAA

Snow, Rain, Heat, Cold, Drought, Wind, and a disappearing moon. This week’s weather had it all. Is there more in store?

Good Moon Risin’ – Red Moon At Night, Everyone’s Delight


Tonight’s full moon will look red during its total eclipse. Most in North America will be able to see the ‘Blood moon,’ if they look around 3:00 AM, EDT. It will be worth it.

Earthquakes: 106 Quakes Worldwide Between 4-10 April, 2014

Nicaragua received a USGS yellow alert level. Image by USGS.

This week’s earthquakes ranged from green to yellow on the USGS scale – how do they measure the impacts of a quake, and what do the colors mean?