The Risky Business Project Climate Report: Dire Economic Consequences Of Global Warming


A bi-partisan group of economists and politicians has come together to issue a plea for action on climate change — and point out the economic consequences of doing nothing.

New Study Suggests Antarctic Glacier Melting May Be Irreversible

The planet's ice sheets contain a vast quantity of water. Image credit: NASA

A new study suggests that the melting of glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has increased to such an extent that it may be irreversible.

Interview With Sir Cedric Phentingmost, Professor of Climate-Change Denial [PARODY]

Atmospheric carbon dioxide hits 400 ppm. Courtesy of NOAA

Decoded Science ‘interviews’ a famous scientist who claims to be able to refute the evidence of climate change.

New IPCC Report: How Vulnerable are We to Climate Change?

Melting Arctic Ice

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, has issued a stark warning: Many nations, including the US, are extremely vulnerable to climate change.

Artists’ Works Provide Valuable Historical Information for Climate Scientists

The Lake, Petworth: Sunset, Fighting bucks (c. 1829) was one of the paintings by J.M.W. Turner analysed by Zerefos et al. To study the past atmosphere. (This work, obtained from WikiPaintings is in the public domain.)

A new study shows that colours in sunset paintings by famous artists can provide valuable information on atmospheric dust following volcanic eruptions.