New IPCC Report: How Vulnerable are We to Climate Change?

Melting Arctic Ice

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, has issued a stark warning: Many nations, including the US, are extremely vulnerable to climate change.

Artists’ Works Provide Valuable Historical Information for Climate Scientists

The Lake, Petworth: Sunset, Fighting bucks (c. 1829) was one of the paintings by J.M.W. Turner analysed by Zerefos et al. To study the past atmosphere. (This work, obtained from WikiPaintings is in the public domain.)

A new study shows that colours in sunset paintings by famous artists can provide valuable information on atmospheric dust following volcanic eruptions.

Climate Change is Certain: Let’s Stop the Nonsense Talk

The increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere continues. Graph courtesy of NOAA.

Last year climate-change deniers said “The temperature hasn’t changed for Fifteen Years.” This is wasn’t true then, and isn’t true now. What’s the science behind our changing climate?

Climate Variability Increases Atmospheric Pollution in Hawaii

Mauna Loa Observatory

Ozone causes skin irritation and respiratory damage; in Hawaii, research shows climate variability increasing the amount of ozone in the lower atmosphere.

Recent Weather Disasters Reveal Possible Climate Change


In its annual review of major US weather disasters, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration figures now show a possible climate link.