Nanomaterials in Supplement Drinks: Possible Interactions after Ingestion

Nanomaterials in food are released into the environment. Image by southernfried.

New research detected metal nanoparticles in 8 commercial supplement drinks. How do nanomaterials affect you and the environment?

Birds and Turbines: Designing Offshore Wind-farms to Prevent Bird-strikes


Must we choose between bird safety and green energy? Maybe not. New research shows that wind turbines may not be as dangerous as earlier surveys showed.

West Virginia Chemical Spill: Dangers and Possible Solutions

For the OH gropu, MCHM is an alcohol. Photo by Clara Piccirillo.

The 4-methylcyclohexane methanol (MCHM) spill took place in West Virginia’s Elk River. How dangerous is this chemical? How can the river be cleaned?

Anthropogenic Methane Emissions in the United States


A study by Harvard university shows that the man-made methane emissions maybe higher than previously estimated, with consequences for the environment.

Ocean Acidification: Latest Worrying Report

Image by Schick

A report published by the IGBP predicts an increase in ocean acidity of 170 % due to CO2 emission, with widespread consequences on marine life and our society.